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Chapter 3: New England Colonies. King Henry VIII.

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1 Chapter 3: New England Colonies

2 King Henry VIII

3 The Pilgrims A Separatist group that wanted to split from the Church of England Harassed by King James (King of England) Fled to Holland because they accepted different religions But they did not like Holland Asked the Virginia Company if they could settle in America “as a distinct body by themselves.” The Virginia Company said YES

4 The Journey of the Mayflower  Got blown off course to the North  Arrived off Cape Cod off the Massachusetts coast  Landed in a place called Plymouth

5 Mayflower Compact  Because they were blown off course, they were no longer under the Virginia company  To keep order they created the Mayflower Compact  Vowed to obey laws agreed upon for the good of the colony  Established idea of self- government

6 What or Who Helped the Pilgrims Survive?  Squanto and Samoset, English speaking Native Americans  They helped create a peace treaty between the Pilgrims and Natives

7 The First Thanksgiving

8 The Puritans Left England between 1630-1640 to escape bad treatment Wanted to purify or reform the Church of England Their leaving is known as the Great Migration Received a royal charter from the Massachusetts Bay Company John Winthrop was their first Governor

9 Puritan towns  Set of Puritan rules  Towns set up by individual congregations  Had a form of self- government with elected representatives  Only male church members could vote or hold office  Everyone HAD to attend church services

10 The new England way  Described beliefs and society  Emphasized duty, godliness, hard work, and honesty  Dancing and games = laziness  Hard work pleased God  Children were required to learn to read so that they could read the Bible

11 Connecticut Thomas Hooker-1636  Moved his congregation to Conn. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut  Extended voting rights to non-church members  Limited the power of the governor  Expanded idea of representative government

12 New Hampshire  First European settlement was in Portsmouth in 1923  John wheelwright established the town of Exeter in 1638  They created the Exeter Compact which was modeled after the Mayflower Compact

13 Challengers to the Puritans Roger Williams  Minister in Salem, Massachusetts  Organized the first Baptist Church  Opposed the English taking away Native American Land  Founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636  Guaranteed religious freedom and the separation of church and state Anne Hutchinson  Believed a person could worship God without help of church, minister or Bible  Held discussions that challenged church authority  Fled to Rhode Island in 1638

14 King Philip’s War  The main cause was the increasing number of colonists who wanted the Native American’s land  Result: “King Philip” or Metacom (the Native American leader) dies, along with about 3,000 others, about 500 enslaved and the rest lost their land

15 Witches in Salem, Massachusetts


17 The truth  The younger generation did not like the strict religious views of their parents  Many of the girls had heard frightening stories about witches from Tituba, a slave from the West Indies  They began falsely accusing others of witchcraft, which started the witch hunts of 1692  Hysteria spread because ministers believed it was a sign from God that they needed to return to their strict lifestyle  More than 100 were arrested and tried  20 were found guilty – 19 were hanged and 1 was pressed to death  Panic was short lived  PROVED THAT A SOCIETY CAN CREATE SCAPEGOATS FOR ITS PROBLEMS

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