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Creating America Ch. 3, Sec. 2

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1 Creating America Ch. 3, Sec. 2
Mrs. Rago

2 Big Ideas Key Terms Pilgrims Mayflower Compact Puritans
Explain why the Pilgrims Established Plymouth Colony. Explain why the Puritans set up the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Identify the New England Way and evaluate challenges to Puritan Leadership. Summarize the causes and Effects of King Phillip's War and the Salem Witch Trials Pilgrims Mayflower Compact Puritans Great Migration Fundamental orders of Connecticut Roger Williams Anne Hutchinson King Phillip's War


4 One American's Story... p. 76 Squanto Read to yourself
Write down 3 important details

5 Voyage of the Mayflower
Why did separatists decide to leave for America? King Henry the 8th creates Church of England Separatists were people who wanted to follow their own faith Pilgrims were a Separatist group that fled England because  the were treated harshly by King James Pilgrims went to Virginia Company and asked to settle "as a distinct body themselves" in America

6 Mayflower, continued Ship was blown off course, landed in Plymouth, MA
What were the consequences of being blown off course? They were no longer in the lands that the Virginia Company had charter for Because they were outside of the charter, the Pilgrims developed the Mayflower Compact This was an agreement where the Pilgrims vowed to obey laws agreed upon for the good of the Colony Helped establish the idea of self-government and majority rule

7 Pilgrims found Plymouth
What was the first winter like for the Pilgrims? Many died due to disease, starvation, and freezing How did the Native Americans help out?  Two NA's Samoset and Squanto spoke English and were able to negotiate a peace with the rest of the NA's and teach them how to fish and hunt What did the first Thanksgiving symbolize for the Pilgrims? This was a celebration of the peace that existed (at the time) between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Was the colony successful? Yes. Many people would soon set sail to fins religious freedom.

8 Puritans come to Massachusetts Bay
Why did Puritans decide to leave England in the 1630's? They were treated badly by King James I; They wanted to break away from Church of England and purify it. Great Migration-20,000 settled in New England How did their experience differ from the Jamestown settlers? There was no starving time. Puritans came well supplied and prepared. Commonwealth- a community in which people work together for the good of the whole 

9 The New England Way What it was: Puritan beliefs and society
Emphasized duty, godliness, hard work, and honesty Dancing and playing games led to laziness God required them to work hard Wanted everyone to read the Bible. As a result, they formed laws that all children had to learn to read. What it was: Puritan beliefs and society

10 New Colonies? Thomas Hooker John Wheelwright
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut- a constitution that established new laws extending voting rights to non-church members and put limits on the powers of the governor Extended the idea of a representative government. John Wheelwright New Hampshire (Exeter) colony Based on laws on the Mayflower Compact Exeter Compact

11 Challenges to Puritan Leaders
Roger Williams- a minister in Salem, MA He opposed- Forced church attendance Taking Native American lands by force Because of his views he was thrown out of the colony He fled in 1636 and founded Rhode Island RI guaranteed religious freedom and separation of church and state

12 Challenges to Puritan Leaders, continued
Quakers Their beliefs set them apart. People could know God through an "inner light" No need for a Bible or minister Believed Native Americans should be treated fairly Quakers also fled to Rhode Island Anne Hutchinson- said people should worship God without a church, a bible, or a minister. She was thrown out of Massachusetts Bay Colony  and fled to Rhode Island in 1638

13 King Philip's War Native Americans and Europeans differed in their views of land ownership. Europeans thought that individuals could own land NAs thought that the land belonged to everyone Outcomes-Wampanoag lost under leadership of Metacom aka King Philip NA lost land, sold into slavery, Settlers expanded their colonies

14 Salem Witch Trials What were the Salem Witch Trials?
Very serious accusations of people performing witchcraft that probably originated from stories told by a slave from the West Indies What role did the clergy play in the Salem Witch Trials? Puritans saw the trials as a sign from God that Salem needed to return to a strict Puritan lifestyle Results? Hysteria in Salem Over 200 people accused of Witchcraft 20 People executed as witches

15 Salem Witchcraft Video 3-2-1
On the back of your notes please record: 3 facts that you learned 2 things that surprised you 1 question or comment you have

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