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How many of the New England colonies can you identify by name on the map?

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1 How many of the New England colonies can you identify by name on the map?

2 The New England Colonies The Search for Religious Freedom Massachusetts – 1620 Rhode Island – 1636 Connecticut – 1633 New Hampshire - 1623

3 Pilgrims – Plymouth Colony - 1620  Persecuted in England  Wanted to separate from the Church of England – called “Separatists”  First fled to Holland  Decided to form a colony in Virginia  Over 100 sailed on the Mayflower  Reached Massachusetts coast in November 1620  Helped by Native Americans  Samoset/Squanto



6 Pilgrims landing in Plymouth

7 The Voyage The voyage from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Harbor is about 2,750 miles and took the Mayflower 66 days to cover that distance. The Mayflower's return voyage, incidentally, only took a month.

8 The Mayflower Compact  Promised to follow laws agreed upon by the group  Helped establish the idea of self- government and majority rule  All men aboard signed before leaving the ship

9 Mayflower Compact Men on the Mayflower signed the Mayflower Compact. In it, they promised to work together to make laws good for the colony. Established the first idea of self-government









18 Puritans Massachusetts Bay Colony - 1630  Persecuted in England  Wanted to reform/purify the Church of England  Formed Massachusetts Bay Company  Boston 1630  Well financed by wealthy Puritan merchants  no “starving time”  Great Migration – movement of 20,000 Puritans from England to Massachusetts

19 John Winthrop 1588-1649 First governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony “A city upon a hill”

20 Everyone attended church services. Education was emphasized. Amusements were frowned upon. Puritans had a strong work ethic. NEW ENGLAND WAY The New England Way Do you think these are reasonable rules for building a successful colony?

21 Puritan Dissenters  Roger Williams Roger Williams  Anne Hutchinson Anne Hutchinson  Thomas Hooker Thomas Hooker

22 Roger Williams  1604?-1683  Puritan minister  Founded Rhode Island as a place of religious freedom in 1636  Colony for Baptists

23 Ann Hutchinson  1591 – 1643  Puritan leader  Banished from Massachusetts - believed people could worship God without being a member of a church  Went to Rhode Island colony

24 Thomas Hooker  Formed Connecticut  Wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut  Gave voting rights to non-church members  Limited the power of the governor  First written constitution in the New World

25 New Hampshire  Founded in 1623  Grant from James I  Portsmouth  Exeter Compact  based on Mayflower Compact

26 Salem Witch Trials  In 1692, young girls falsely accused others of witchcraft  More than 100 people were arrested and tried  20 were found guilty and put to death


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