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A Year 4 Autumn Term Module

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1 A Year 4 Autumn Term Module
The Tudors A Year 4 Autumn Term Module

2 What was the War of the Roses
Section One: To Investigate: What was the War of the Roses Click here to see Mrs Weekes facts How did Henry Vll become king? Click here to visit the Nettlesworth website to find out about Henry VII Explore the Tudor Family Tree & time line. Click here to see the family tree that followed the War of the Roses Why did Henry Vlll marry six times? Click here to visit the Brims Tudor website

3 Section Two: Henry VIII
To Investigate: What was Henry Vlll like as a person? What were his characteristics? How did he look? What did Henry Vlll do all day? What were his hobbies? What were his Royal duties? What problems did he face? To read what notes made by children on Henry, Click here. Click here to visit useful information website

4 Section 4: Catherine of Aragon
Problem: Having an heir to the throne was very, very important to Henry. His first wife, Catherine had no children. What do you think Henry’s solution to the problem of no heir to the throne was or might have been? Click here to find out about Catherine of Aragon and how Henry dealt with this issue.

5 Section 4: Did marrying Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour solve the problem? Can you tell the story of the dissolution of the monasteries using notes, facts and information. Investigation: What were Priest holes? Think carefully about the fieldtrip to Cotehele House Click here to find out more about Cotehele House More Cotehele Information

6 Section 5: The last three wives
Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr Click here to find out about these wives and their fates...

7 Section 6: Life in Tudor Times
Investigation Activities: Draw conclusions about life in Tudor times from different sources of information. Begin by Identifying the key features of Tudor buildings and different ways houses have been presented. Here are a few images. Use Google to find more!

8 Section 7: Rich and Poor Investigate the life of the poor and attitudes of wealthy people towards the poor. Click here to read a fantastic Powerpoint Presentation about life in Tudor times for the poor : Click here to identify differences in lifestyle between rich and poor (taken from the Plymouth Museum website) Click here for a selection of images…


10 Henry VII: Our Notes Henry took over the throne after his brother died. Henry was born on the 28th of June at Greenwich Palace in 1491. Henry was good at jousting and loved hunting Henry had a son who died. He and 2 daughters. He was very mean and spoilt. Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth, was very powerful.

11 The Battle of Bosworth Field 1485
Henry VII Richard III

12 War of the Roses The Hundred Years War:
House of Lancashire (Henry Tudor) VS. House of York (Richard, Duke of York).

13 Who was Richard III? The people of York and Lancaster had been fighting for the crown of England for over 100 years. Richard of York became King of England in 1482. It is said that Richard had his little nephews killed in the Tower of London.

14 Who was Henry VII? Henry was the great-grandson of the Duke of Lancaster. He was banished to France as Richard feared he might try to take the throne. In 1485 Henry gathered some support in England and landed in Wales with his supporters.

15 The Battle Richard gathered his 6,000 supporters and marched towards Ambien Hill. He hoped to meet and defeat Henry before he brought his army to London. Henry approached with 2,000 men. Richard waited with his men for four days.

16 How did Henry win? Gradually Richard’s men began to lose hope and began to leave. It is thought that the Duke of Northumberland betrayed Richard and joined Henry. Richard left his high point and was slain. Henry was crowned Henry VII of England.

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