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Murder – Made to Measure Lady Antonia Fotherington looked down lovingly at her cat and decided that it was time to change her will. Mr Kittywake from.

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2 Murder – Made to Measure

3 Lady Antonia Fotherington looked down lovingly at her cat and decided that it was time to change her will. Mr Kittywake from the local cats home had visited her yesterday with the distressing news that their landlord had increased the rent.

4 Who better to take over Fotherington Towers when she was gone? Her children were all grown up and had jobs. Just imagine hundreds of poor unwanted cats finding a happy home at Fotherington Towers.

5 Her mind made up, she telephoned her solicitor, Edward Rumples to arrange for him to change her will.

6 She then telephoned each of her sons and daughters to fill them in on the good news for cats. Strangely, none of them seemed to share her enthusiasm. It was going to be a busy day: Edward Rumples was due at 11am and each of her sons and daughters had said that they would come and talk to her as well.

7 At 11am prompt, Edward Rumples knocked on the door.

8 No one answered but 30 seconds later, there was a loud gun shot.

9 Edward pushed open the door and raced inside. Lying dead on the sitting room floor was Lady Fotherington.

10 Edward Rumples saw a movement by the stairs and then heard a step creak before the murderer ran out of the back door unseen.

11 He dialled 999 and 30 minutes later the police arrived. All of Lady Fotheringtons sons and daughters were also there.

12 Here are the suspects. Which one do you think carried out the crime?

13 Algy O Algy owns a company which has made a lot of money selling umbrellas. O However, dry weather and cheaper umbrellas from China have meant that he has not been doing so well recently.

14 Hubert O Hubert has some rich friends who like to gamble. O Recently, the wrong cards have been coming up for Hubert and he is rumoured to owe a lot of money.

15 Daphne O Daphne likes to host parties large expensive parties. O Recent price increases in food and drink have meant that she has borrowed a lot of money.

16 Bertie O Bertie is a successful, though rather showy businessman. O On his book shelf at home there is a book called: 101 Uses for a Dead Cat.

17 Enid O Enid loves to shop – especially for clothes. O Designer labels dont come cheap and her credit cards are at their limits. O With a new season coming, she needs more.

18 Sapphire O Sapphire has 2 children who are always quarrelling. O The way she stops this is to buy them presents – expensive presents.

19 Stop – Answers coming next!

20 Clue 1 NamePhone call started Length of phone call Phone call finished Algy6.57am18 mins7:15 Hubert7.18am22 mins7:40 Daphne7.43am12 mins7:55 Bertie7.58am22 mins8:20 Enid8.21am14 mins8:35 Sapphire8.38am17 mins8:55

21 NamePlaceDistance from Fotheringto n (miles) Maximum speed for whole journey (mph) Time for journey Time of arrival AlgyBigbury105303hr 3010:45 HubertSmallbury150503 hr10:40 DaphneDimpleforth75302hr 3010:25 BertieLittle Budbury60203hr11:20 EnidRumpletoft60302hr10:35 SapphireDavenbridge80402hr10:55 It seemed to the Inspector that one of the suspects could not have been at Fotherington at the time of the murder. But who?

22 Clue 2 NameWeight (kg)case weight (g)Total weight (kg) Algy70kg4,000g74 Hubert107kg3,500g110.5 Daphne56kg5,650g61.650 Bertie92kg8,500g102.5 Enid106kg3,500g109.5 Sapphire82kg2,500g84.5 Would all the suspects have made the stair creak?

23 Clue 3 Milk left in 1 litre bottle850ml Milk left in jug125ml Milk left in jug and bottle975ml Milk used in tea/coffee25 ml NameCups DrankType of drinkMilk used Lady Antonia1Medium tea10 Algy2Medium tea20 Hubert3Strong tea15 Daphne1Weak tea15 Bertie 1½1½ Medium tea15 Enid2Medium coffee15 Sapphire1Weak coffee15 Who could not have shared a drink with Lady Antonia?

24 Clue 4

25 Routecmmiles M-B-C-D-P25.551 M-D-C-D-P28.557 M-D-E-F-P3060 M-D-C-F-P30.561 M-D-E-F-C-D-P4692 M-B-C-F-P27.555 Name Mileage at manor Mileage at station Miles travelled between Route travelled Did route pass gun? Algy152281528961M-D-C-F-PYes Hubert201892024051M-B-C-D-PNo Daphne164721656492M-D-E-F-C-D-PYes Bertie5148520557M-D-C-D-PYes Enid2167222255M-B-C-F-PNo Sapphire587515881160M-D-E-F-PYes Did all the suspects travel past the lay by?

26 Clue 5 NameBiscuit typeBiscuit length (cm) Biscuit width (cm) Number eaten Area of biscuits eaten (cm 2 ) Lady Antonia Very Rich Tea72228 AlgyHob Nob64372 HubertChoccy squares3 872 BertieLongbread66272 EnidIndigestives92472 SapphireKat Kit75270 DaphneGarybaldy81.5672 We know 2 of the biscuits on the plate were for Lady Antonia but which of the suspects would not have biscuits of the right area?

27 Conclusion: NameClue 1Clue 2Clue 3Clue 4Clue 5 Algy x Hubert x x Daphne Bertiex Enid x Sapphire x

28 A big thank you to the Y6 staff and pupils at Ecclesfield Primary School, Sheffield for trialling this and giving helpful feedback.

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