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Three Types of Persuasive Appeals logospathosethos.

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1 Three Types of Persuasive Appeals logospathosethos

2 3 Types of Persuasive Appeals * Ethos - Ethical appeal (authority on the subject convinces you) … Credibility of speaker * Pathos - Emotional appeal (convinces you based on emotion) … emotional connection to audience * Logos - Logical appeal (gives facts to support the claim) … logical argument

3 Need to use all three types of appeal for the audience to accept your message

4 Do you agree? People buy on emotion (pathos) People justify with fact (logos) People want to know it’s right (ethos)

5 How to develop ethos Be a good person Develop expertise in subject/topic Market yourself Analyze your audience and identify common traits, mannerisms, and dress Show up early Reference people in audience Tell personal stories Use appropriate language, visuals, quotes, statistics

6 How to develop pathos Tell stories Choose emotional words Use analogies, metaphors, and similes Use humor Vocal clues Use vivid, sensory words Use visuals Eye contact

7 How to develop logos Use supporting facts Use data Provide evidence Quote professionals on subject/topic Provide a logical order Order must make sense

8 Ethos Does the audience believe you? Does the audience view you as an authority on the subject/topic Does the audience trust you?

9 Pathos Stories, analogies, similes, and metaphors are effective Do words suggest love? Sympathy? Fear? Does the visual promote compassion? Envy? Does the characterization of the competing emotion evoke a feeling of hate?

10 Logos Does the argument follow an understandable order? Does the argument make sense? Is the argument factual?

11 Class/Homework Assignment Write a three Paragraph paper persuading your teacher why you should not have homework. Your argument should include all three appeals: ethical, logical, and emotional. Please state your case with support and examples. Be original with ideas and presentation. At the end, label/identify your appeals.

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