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Argumentative Appeals/ Methods of Persuasion Speech Unit English 10A.

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1 Argumentative Appeals/ Methods of Persuasion Speech Unit English 10A

2 Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, postulated three argumentative appeals: logical, ethical, and emotional.

3 Pathos Persuasion by appealing to the reader’s emotions. –Language choice affects the audience’s emotional response, and emotional appeal can effectively be used to enhance an argument. For Notes: Pathos--the emotional or motivational appeals; vivid language, emotional language and numerous sensory details.

4 Ethos Persuasion by the ethical character of the author or speaker—particularly his or her knowledge or credibility to speak about a topic. –This appeal convinces the reader that the speaker is someone worth listening to, as well as someone who is reliable source of information and worthy of respect. For Notes: Ethos--the source's credibility, the speaker's/author's authority on a particular topic or issue

5 Logos Logical persuasion using reasoning (inductive and deductive). Logical appeal is the strategic use of logic and factual, observed evidence and/or statistics to convince an audience of a certain point. –In an inductive argument, the reader holds up a specific example, and then claims that what is true for it is also true for a general category. For instance, "I have just tasted this lemon. It is sour. Therefore, all lemons are probably sour." –Deductive reasoning works in the opposite manner; it begins with a general or universal rule accepted by most people ("all lemons are sour") and then applies that claim to a specific example. ("That is a lemon. Therefore, it too must be sour.") For Notes: Logos--the logic used to support a claim (induction and deduction); can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument.

6 In the speech that you choose to analyze/present, you will need to identify and explain the use of two examples of persuasive appeal. You may either find two examples of the same type (i.e., both pathos) or two examples of different types (i.e., ethos and pathos.)

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