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1 science


3 Healthy eating

4 CONTEINS Food groups Pyramid Carbohydrates Proteins Dairy produts Fats
Vitamins Minerals Fibre Menu Questions

5 food groups. Carbohydrates Proteins Dairy produts Fats Vitamins
Minerals and fibre

6 Balaced diet includes all the food groups.

7 Carbohydrates: give you energy. Bread Pasta Biscuits Rice Cereals

8 Proteins:your muscles
and organs are made for proteins. Fish Legums Meat Nuts Eggs Jam

9 Dairy products: conteins
calcium,it is good for your bones. Milk Butter Cheese Yoghurt Almond Sardine

10 Fats and sugar it give energy and help us to build our body, don't
eat to much. Cakes Chips Coca cola Chocolate Donut Chewing gum Pipe

11 vitamins:they are good for your skin,bones and teeth. Apple Orange
Watermelon Banana Mandarin Kiwi - Pear

12 Minerals: are good for your blood, bones and nesves. Fresh fish Sole
Turbot Hake Vegetables Tomatoe Carrot

13 Fibre: it helps you to digest food. Cereals Bread Weat Toast Biscuits
Apple Prune

14 Healthy menu Breakfast Lunch milk and toast with pasta,meat,
oil and honey and an apple. Tea Diner a juice of orange fish with carrot, and a pear and a banana with nuts.

15 QUESTIONS 1º which two food groups give you energy?
Which food cotains lots of carbohydrates? What are proteins good for? Where can you find vitamins? What are iron, calcium and magnesium … How are the four food groups called? How many food groups are?

16 TRUE OR FALSE Proteins give us energy and calcium.
Vitamins give to help us grow. Carbohydrates give us energy . True or false ________

17 Match Carbohydrates FRUIT Vitamins MEAT,FISH… Proteins SUGAR,CAKES…

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