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Nutrition For Good Living

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1 Nutrition For Good Living

2 Food Pyramid Table of contents
Bread Vegetables Fruit Meat Dairy Fats and sweets Portion size

3 How do I eat healthy? Well, eat a variety of foods! Most foods are healthy if you eat the right portions. Look at this drawing of the food pyramid. You should eat: Whole grain bread, cereal, rice, and pasta Vegetables and fruits Milk, yogurt, and cheese Meat, eggs, fish, nuts, and beans Even: Fats, oils, and sweets!

4 Whole Grains Bread Cereal Rice Pasta

5 Vegetables aka VEGGIES!
There are so many colors to choose from! Carrots Bell Peppers Cabbage Corn Broccoli Lettuce and spinach Green beans Peas

6 An apple a day keeps the teacher away
Fruits are the natural sweet Apple Pear Orange Kiwi Banana Berries, all colors, shapes, and sizes Peach

7 “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My”
We don’t eat zoo animals! But animals are the main source of protein. There are many meats you eat that have protein. Fish Hamburger Chicken Eggs Beans too!

8 Moo Cow Moo Dairy is important for you to grow big and strong. It helps your bones stay tough. Be kind to your bones, Drink milk Eat cheese Snack on yogurt

9 Give me some sugar! Sugars and fats taste great! They can be good to eat ONLY in small amounts. Don’t make them a meal. Fast food Cakes and Pies Donuts Chips Butter, jelly, and jams

10 How much do I eat? Portion Size
Bread Vegetables Fruit Meat Dairy Fats and sweets

11 Pre-quiz Check Out Your Knowledge on How Much You Should Eat

12 Creative ways to measure your food.
Can you think of any objects you could connect with portion sizes?

13 How Many Servings Should I Eat?
Breads and Grains: 6 – 11 Vegetables: 3 – 5 Fruit: 2 – 4 Meat: 2 – 3 Dairy: 2 – 3 Fats and sweets: use sparingly

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