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Massachusetts Bay Colony

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1 Massachusetts Bay Colony
EQ: What was the main motive behind the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

2 Key Vocabulary _______________: a person who desired to change and “purify” the Church of England. _______________: The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. _______________: the migration of English Puritans to America.

3 Massachusetts Bay Settled
1628 – a group of Puritans formed the joint stock company called the _____________ ________________________ New England Company later changed its name to _____________________________ 1630 – _______________________ Within a years time more than ____________ Puritans came to Massachusetts

4 John Winthrop Leads the Colony
Puritans hoped to build a model community to show how much better the world would be if people lived by Puritan beliefs _________________________________ Puritans were well-equipped and knew what they were doing

5 Settlements Spread Between 1630 – 1643 more than 20,000 people went to Massachusetts Established Massachusetts towns of _____________________________ In 1691 the _________________ and the settlements in ____________________ united to form one large colony, which was called ____________________________

6 False Modern Views on Puritans
“Puritan” has come to mean ___________ ________________________ A religious snob _____________________ Salvation by faith plus works

7 Puritan Beliefs The Bible is the true law of God that provided guidelines for church government, and life Emphasized the preaching of the ___________ Emphasized ____________________________ ____________________________________________ Stressed ______________________________ ____________________________________ Emphasized teaching their children __________

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