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Caldwell Group, Ltd. Meetings, Incentive & Event Management SUPPLEMENTAL SERVICES.

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1 Caldwell Group, Ltd. Meetings, Incentive & Event Management SUPPLEMENTAL SERVICES

2 2 Caldwell Group, Ltd. is happy to provide full meeting, incentive, and event planning capabilities. Supplemental Services are offered for those clients who do not need our full- range of services, but are interested in choosing from:  Caldwell Hotel and Venue Sourcing  Caldwell On-Site Staff Sourcing  Caldwell Registration Website Creation and Management  Caldwell Electronic Evaluation Sourcing  Caldwell Gift and Amenity Sourcing Caldwell Sourcing Caldwell Group, Ltd. – a Meeting, Incentive, and Event Management Company Caldwell Group, Ltd. is a double-diversity company, managing more than 30 domestic and international projects ranging in size from 30 – 3,000 participants annually. Our client base ranges from small privately owned companies to Fortune 100 corporations. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service and efficient use of budgeted dollars.

3 3 Caldwell Group, Ltd. realizes that you are under increasing pressure to do more with a smaller budget. Therefore we offer, as a stand-alone service, Caldwell Hotel and Venue Sourcing. You tell us your objective(s) and project requirements and we will research, locate, and evaluate the perfect venue. We will submit a proposal to you and based on your decision, enter into negotiations with the venue to secure cost savings and concessions. Caldwell will manage the contract negotiations and venue specifications, secure answers to all of your questions, follow up with the venues and manage the process on your behalf. Caldwell Hotel and Venue Sourcing is at no cost to you - with a minimum of 50 rooms. If you are searching for fewer than 50 rooms, we will perform this service for $65 an hour with a minimum of 4 hours. Caldwell is able to perform this detailed and labor-intensive work at no cost to you because the commissions paid by the hotel or venue will be paid directly to us. Caldwell Hotel and Venue Sourcing

4 4 Caldwell On-Site Staff Sourcing Caldwell Group, Ltd. knows that the lasting impression of your program hinges not on all of your pre-planning and attention to detail, but on how well you ran the last program on-site. To ensure a positive impression and flawless execution, we are proud to offer a new stand- alone service, Caldwell On-Site Staff Sourcing. You tell us your company profile and your project objective(s) and we will handpick from our extensive list of staff to match the perfect person(s) to your project. We have placed from 2 to 100 staff on-site to handle; Transportation, Food & Beverage, Housing, Hospitality Desk, VIP Services, Activities, and more. Caldwell On-Site Staff Sourcing is reasonably priced from $275 - $400 per person, per day depending on the skill set needed and the complexity of the project. Additional charges apply for hotel and air transportation (if needed) and miscellaneous expenses plus per diem. Caldwell Group, Ltd. charges 15% of the daily rate plus a $150 administrative fee for on-site staff sourcing.

5 5 Caldwell Group, Ltd. understands the importance of convenience and advanced technology to help manage your events. That’s why we offer Caldwell Registration Website Creation and Management. We create flexible and powerful on-line web registration forms based on your unique needs, using your meeting logos and colors. Our system offers:  Pre-populated registration fields making it convenient for attendees to complete the registration form.  Availability 24/7 anywhere there is web access.  The ability to register and book air, hotel, and even activities on one form for attendee convenience.  An immediate automated confirmation via email with details on the program eliminating the need to print and mail receipts and documents.  Additional web pages with meeting information, agenda, links to venue maps and details to increase attendee interest and convenience.  The ability to quickly generate email announcements, updates, schedule changes, even automatic reminders of upcoming registration deadlines allowing the planner to easily communicate.  Regular reports on any information collected during the registration process. Caldwell Registration Website Creation and Management Caldwell Registration Website Creation and Management is offered at $7.50 per invited attendee plus a set-up fee of $1,000.

6 6 Caldwell Group, Ltd. offers an economical option for placing your pre or post meeting/event evaluations on-line. We do not claim to be statisticians or research experts. But if you have simple straight-forward questions about meeting and/or event content and logistics then Caldwell Electronic Evaluation Sourcing is the right answer for you. For just $7.50 per invited responder plus a $1,000 set-up fee Caldwell Electronic Evaluation Sourcing provides:  Personalized on-line evaluations using your meeting/event colors and logo.  Responder anonymity - if desired.  Ability for responders to provide text comments to each question.  Programmatic email list development based on registered attendees at your event if you use Caldwell’s on-line registration system or based on a client supplied spreadsheet.  Email invitations to participate in evaluation and reminders if necessary.  Daily summary of number of responders.  Meeting Evaluation Summary report including aggregated response to all questions, number of responders per question, percentage of responders per question, and complete, unedited documentation of all comments. Caldwell Electronic Evaluation Sourcing

7 7 Caldwell Group, Ltd. offers an effortless way for you to find, select, and purchase unique, high-quality gifts and amenities. We work to offer you volume discounts and have a portfolio of preferred vendors who partner with us for swift delivery. Caldwell Gift and Amenity Sourcing is great for tradeshow give-aways, launching a new product or promoting an event. Show customer appreciation with just the right gift. Memories fade, but the perfect selection can make a lasting impression, build brand awareness and portray your company’s identity. Gifts and in-room amenities are effective incentives to boost productivity and encourage employee loyalty. The right gift or amenity can help build strong relationships and encourage interaction. The decision to outsource is often made in the interest of lowering costs and to make more efficient use of your staff’s time. We can do both of these by charging an hourly rate of $65 to find the perfect gift or amenity for your company. Caldwell Gift and Amenity Sourcing

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