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French Forts in Indiana

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1 French Forts in Indiana
By Allie Reisman and Sydney Meyer

2 Definition of a French Fort
Originally was a fortified building or place that provided defense against attack.

3 Fort Vincennes Fort Vincennes was built along the Wabash River. It was built in 1702! The fort was built by the French. Fort Vincennes was renamed to Fort Sackville in Vincennes, Indiana. It is the oldest city in Indiana.

4 Fort Vincennes

5 Fort Wayne Fort Wayne in modern Fort Wayne, Indiana was established by Captain Jean Francois Hamtrack under the orders from General “MAD” Anthony Wayne as part of the campaign against the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Wayne may have chosen his name himself- the fort was dedicated the day after he left. The fort was officially occupied by the army on October 21st The fort was a basic stockade with few buildings, and was located near the present intersection of Berry and Clay Streets.

6 Fort Ouiatenon Fort Ouiatenon was established in It was built by the French. At Fort Ouiatenon the prosperity grew between because people came, and they started to trade goods. The citizens of the fort were called the Wea people. The fort was built to protect against Great Britain’s western expansion. (wee-won-i-ton)

7 A map of Fort Ouiatenon

8 Forts Did you know… forts were used to help defend against attack?

9 Blockhouse Did you know… in blockhouses they had tiny holes to shoot through?

10 Stockades Did you know… they had stockades around their forts? Stockades were fences around the forts to protect them.

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