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Native Americans Resist White Settlers!

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1 Native Americans Resist White Settlers!
Chapter 6

2 Do Now: Discuss the significance of the Treaty of Paris, 1783 in terms of Westward Expansion.


4 The Treaty of Paris, 1783 The British had ceded its land rights to the west of the Appalachians. However, the British still maintained forts in the Northwest Territory – in direct violation of the treaty. Pioneers moving west met fierce resistance from the original inhabitants.

5 Fights in the Northwest!
Having been excluded from the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Paris, Native Americans in the Northwest Territory never accepted the provisions. They continued to claim their tribal lands Demanded direct negotiations with the United States. Often when white settlers moved into their territory, they would attack them

6 Fights in the Northwest!
To gain control of the area that would later become Ohio, the federal government sent an army led by General Josiah Harmar. In 1790, Harmar and his troops clashed with a Native American tribe, Little Turtle. Native Americans won that battle. The following year, the Miami Confederacy inflicted an even worse defeat on a federal army led by General Arthur St. Clair.

7 The Battle of Fallen Timbers!
In 1792, President Washington appointed General Anthony Wayne to lead federal troops against the Native Americans. We have beaten the enemy twice under different commanders … The Americans are now led by a chief who never sleeps… We have never been able to surprise him .. It would be prudent to listen to his offers of peace

8 The Battle of Fallen Timbers!
. The Battle of Fallen Timbers! Known as “Mad Anthony” he trained his troops for an entire year. Little Turtle, impressed with his reckless courage, urged his people to seek peace! The other Native American chiefs did not agree with him and replaced him with a less able leader.

9 The Battle of Fallen Timbers!
On August 20, 1794, Wayne defeated the Miami Confederacy at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. After the battle, Wayne marched his army defiantly past the British Fort Miami, only two miles away and then built and American post nearby!

10 The Battle of Fallen Timbers!
The American Victory ended the Native American resistance in Ohio. The Miami Confederacy signed the Treaty of Greenville, agreeing to give up most of the land in Ohio fro $20,000 worth of goods and an annual payment of nearly $10,000. New sources of conflict were now developing between Britain and the United States.


12 Jay’s Treaty! At the time of the Battle of Fallen Timbers, John Jay, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, was in London to negotiate a treaty with Britain. One of the disputed issues was which nation would control territories west of the Appalachian Mountains.

13 Jay’s Treaty! When news of Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers arrived, the British agreed to evacuate their posts in the Northwest Territory and a treaty was singed on November 19, 1794. The Treaty managed to pass the Senate but many Americans, especially western settlers were angry with its terms.

14 Why were so many Americans dissatisfied with Jay’s Treaty?
Jay’s Treaty – Terms! The treaty allowed the British to continue their fur trade on the American side of the US/Canadian Border. Why were so many Americans dissatisfied with Jay’s Treaty?

15 Read pages 194 – 196 in your textbook and TAKE NOTES!
Homework: Read pages 194 – 196 in your textbook and TAKE NOTES!

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