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Confucianism and Government

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1 Confucianism and Government
Chapter 14 Section 3 Confucianism and Government

2 Confucianism A. Confucian Ideas
Teachings focused on ethics and proper behavior for individuals and governments Ren- concern for others Li- appropriate behavior Order in society is very important

3 Confucianism B. The influence of Confucianism
Qin Dynasty suppressed Confucian ideas Han Dynasty brought it back into favor making it the official state philosophy. As Buddhism grew, Confucianism lost some of its might

4 Confucianism C. Neo Confucianism
During the Tang, Confucianism came more into play as a way to improve government and society. Neo Confucianism emphasized spiritual matters. During the Song Dynasty, Neo Confucianism become the official government teachings.

5 Scholar-Officials A. Bureaucracy People worked for the government
Body of un elected government officials

6 Scholar-Officials B. Civil Service Service as government official
Person had to pass series of written examinations Tested students grasp of Confucianism and related ideas Tests were difficult- students spent YEARS preparing for them

7 Scholar-Officials C. Scholar- Official
An educated member of the government Were elite members of society Performed many jobs in the government and were widely admired for their knowledge and ethics The civil service system was a major factor in the stability of the Song government

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