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INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN BIOLOGY pp. 907-910. cells  tissues  organs  organ systems.

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2 cells  tissues  organs  organ systems


4 muscle: contract in coordination upon stimulation (skeletal, cardiac, smooth)

5 nervous: receive and transmit information and signals (made of cells called neurons)

6 epithelial: line surfaces of bodies, cavities, canals

7 connective: cells surrounded by extra- cellular, non-living tissue called a matrix (bone, cartilage, tendons, blood)

8 ORGANS Tissues working together

9 BODY CAVITIES Spinal, cranial, thoracic, diaphragm, abdominal, pelvic Know the locations in your body

10 ORGAN SYSTEMS Skeletal: protection and support Muscular: support and movement

11 Respiratory: Gas exchange Circulatory: transport of gases, nutrients, waste, and chemicals througout body.

12 Endocrine: controls body function via chemical messengers. Nervous: regulates body via impulses

13 Digestive: breakdown and absorption of food Excretory: removal of liquid and solid wastes

14 Reproductive: production of sex cells to make offspring Immune: Fights pathogens and disease


16 Integumentary: protection and thermoregulation Barrier against mechanical and chemical injury Protection of microbial invasion Insulation against heat loss Evaporative cooling through sweating Sensory for environment Vitamin (D) synthesis


18 SKIN Epidermis- dermal pigmentation Melanocytes make melanin (melanin is a black pigment and carotene is an orange pigment) and is inherited Dermis-inner layer composed of blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, glands


20 Glands 1. Oil glands attached to hair follicles secrete sebum (oils) 2. Sweat glands regulate body temperature Subcutaneous: fat cells (insulation)

21 Nails are made of keratin (like hair) and protec ends of toes and fingers Hair is produced by hair follicles and insulates the body

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