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Human Body Systems Review

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1 Human Body Systems Review

2 This system allows body movement and maintains posture.

3 Muscular

4 This system fights disease.

5 Immune

6 This system protects, supports, allows movement, produces red blood cells and stores minerals.

7 Skeletal

8 This system protects, regulates temperature and prevents water loss.

9 Integumentary

10 This system transports nutrients, wastes and other materials and plays a role in the immune system.

11 Circulatory

12 This system allows the body to break down food and nutrients.

13 Digestive

14 This system removes solid and liquid wastes.

15 Excretory

16 This system exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide between blood and air.

17 Respiratory

18 This system regulates metabolism and reproduction.

19 Endocrine

20 This system detects sensation and controls most functions.

21 Nervous

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