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Body Systems.

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1 Body Systems

2 Circulatory System Transports oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues through blood vessels. The heart is responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels.

3 Respiratory System Responsible for the body’s gas Exchange between oxygen and Carbon dioxide. The gas exchange takes place in the capillaries of the lung. Works together with the Circulatory system.

4 Skeletal System Consists of bones, ligaments, and cartilage.
It’s function is to support the body, protect internal organs, and store minerals. The bones also make blood cells.

5 Muscular System The function of the muscular system is to
move the body and provide movement inside the body. Is made up of muscles.

6 Digestive System The main function is to break down food into small molecules to be used by cells.

7 Excretory System The excretory system removes waste from the blood and maintains homeostasis (balance).

8 Integumentary System The skin provides protection to the body, helps control body temperature, and helps remove waste from the body.

9 Nervous System The function of the nervous system is to control the actions of the body. The nervous system reacts to internal and external stimuli.

10 Endocrine System The main function of the endocrine system is to release hormones into the bloodstream. “Flight or Fight”

11 Reproductive System The main function of the reproductive system is to produce sex cells and make offspring. Males- sperm Female- egg

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