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1 observationshypothesispredictionsexperimentsanalysis

2  Steps taken to design an experiment.  Performed by all scientists.  Generate testable hypothesis  Formulate data  Draw conclusions from observations  Analyze data  Retest…if necessary

3  Develop a question that can be solved through an experiment.

4  Research the topic.  Get any background information that may be necessary to perform the experiment

5  Predict the outcome of your problem.  What do you expect to happen based on your prior knowledge. If ___________ then, ____________.  EXAMPLE: If the soil has fertilizer, then the plant will grow faster.

6  The steps that will take place in order to carry out the experiment.  Also called the procedures.  This includes the materials needed to complete the experiment.  The outcome of your experiments must be measureable.  You must be able to generate numerical data.

7  Observe.  Create charts and data tables that represent the information discovered during the experiment.  If diagrams help to explain your observations include them.

8  Create graphs of the data.  Analyze the results by including significant findings.  The most significant finding in this experiment/activity/survey was ________________because _______________  Summarize the results  Interpret and explain numerical data  Compare using the independent and dependent variables  Analyzes differences  Change \over time  Relationships between variables  Explain possible errors or problems  Ways to improve the experiment

9  Accept or reject the hypothesis by stating that your hypothesis was supported.  You can not prove or show that your hypothesis is correct with a single experiment…so support is the correct terminology.  Was you problem solved? Explain…

10  Observation  Hypothesis  Prediction  Data  Control  Independent (responding)variable  Dependent (manipulated) variable

11 1. hypothesis 1)Prediction about the outcome between the testable variables. 1.Educated guess based on what you know. 1.If the size of the cup is smaller then the coffee will remain hot longer. 2. observation


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