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Project ID # 08-LSTA-E-01. It takes a village to raise a child ~ African Proverb.

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1 Project ID # 08-LSTA-E-01

2 It takes a village to raise a child ~ African Proverb

3 Background Funding & Partners Staffing Program Elements LSTA Grant Outcomes INSERT PICTURE

4 20022010 In 2002, BCL implemented ASYL to enable children to have qualified homework help and opportunities for cultural development, reading practice and computer skills training.


6 Program Coordinator Branch Manager Youth Services Librarian 12 Sites 2 Teachers per site Teacher/Student ratio of 1:10 Foster Grandparents and/or college interns assist teachers Sites accommodate up to 30 students Youth Services Librarian ASYL Teacher Branch Manager Site #1Site #2 Example

7 Homework/ Reading Activities Technology Skill Building Social Skill Building Nutrition Education Cultural Arts Education Family Involvement 3cultural activities/Yr Art / Music /Social Studies / Science Multi-Cultural 2 family initiatives /Yr Pot-Luck dinners Student recognition Community resources Healthy snacks Healthy lifestyle choices Florida Nutrition Program Effective Computer Use Typing Skills Exploring Internet Min. 2 Hrs/ Week Promote positive self- esteem Pro-social peer associations Good citizenship. < 60 Min per Day SRA reading laboratory curriculum Independent + group reading


9 Purchased 10 laptops and educational software for each of 12 sites ASYL teachers instruct students on use of software and internet based programs Educational Software Coin Changer Easy Book Deluxe: Sunburst Hot Dog Stand: The Works Unlimited Ice Cream Truck Unlimited Learn about Science Animals Learn about Science Human Body Learn about Science Weather Letterbugs Ready to Read Math Munchers Missing Links Typing Instructor for Kids 4.0 Typing Instructor Deluxe 17.0

10 Pre - LSTAPost - LSTA Students use existing public access computers Computer access typically 4- 6 computers available 2-4 days per week Students use laptops dedicated to ASYL program Computer access increased to 24 computers, 4 days per week Increased access to computers by general public

11 Scanned Image of Newspaper Image – Carver Ranches

12 Life Changing SkillsBetter CitizensSuccess

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