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Learning Beyond the Bell 2010-2011 Lewisville ES.

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1 Learning Beyond the Bell 2010-2011 Lewisville ES

2 What is LBB? Learning Beyond the Bell is a free after-school program in 5 high needs schools within LISD *1 hr. of Academics – ELAR, Math, and Science * 30 minutes of Homework assistance *1 hr. of Enrichment – Karate, Scouts, Rockets, etc

3 Mission: To offer a free, safe, enriching and supervised environment for Lewisville ISD students in grades 3-5, in which students develop academic competency and confidence, higher-level thinking skills and problem- solving, creativity, individual growth through hands-on experiences, peer interaction and positive adult relationships. Purpose: To provide after-school learning opportunities beyond the regular school day. The program focuses on helping children in high-need schools succeed academically through the use of scientifically-based extended learning time. LBB is a powerful program that enhances and complements the regular school day, rather than duplicating or imitating classroom instruction.

4 LBB Facts Free to Students Students begin September 27, 2010 LBB runs from 2:50pm-5:20pm Monday-Thursdays only; no Fridays We enroll 60 students who meet criteria. 20 students per grade level (grades 3-5 only) 10 boys; 10 girls per grade level

5 Schedule 2:50-3:50pm – Snack & Academic Set (ELAR/Math/Science) 3:50-4:20pm – Homework 4:20-5:20pm – Enrichment Set 5:20pm - Dismissal (Parent Pick-up and Bus loading)

6 Academic Set Kids CollegeKids College, Literature Pockets, CenterStage, pre-existing lessons, teacher suggestions, Fast Math, and much more.Literature Pockets CenterStage

7 Enrichment Set Gardening, culinary experience, karate, Scouts, art/crafts, Archery, Geocaching, Lego Robotics/KNEX, rockets, Flat Stanley, Destination Imagination, origami, journalism, jewelry making, field trips, and much more!!

8 Student Qualifiers Bi-Lingual ELL At-risk for failure Failed a grade level Low self esteem Deteriorated family structure Lives in poverty Low test scores (55%-75%) LBB does not attempt to recruit students who are: Highly successful in academics Perform extremely low academically (below 55%) Require special accommodations (transportation) Repeated behavioral problems Exited from LBB in the past year Low attendance

9 What we need from teachers 1.A list of 30 boys and 30 girls per grade level (so we have extra to choose from) who you want us to recruit to order of importance. 2.We need the list by Sept. 7 th at 9am. 3.Site Coordinators will then distribute enrollment packets to your students 4.Collect student applications and return to site coordinators

10 What we offer teachers Fewer students to tutor Spreadsheets of student progress on Kids College (and their user code and password) Progress on CenterStage w/ journal entries Increased student success in the classroom

11 Keys points If a student goes to a teacher tutoring session after school versus coming to our LBB academic session, we must have them back to us by 3:50pm. LBB students may be in UIL, Choir, and tutoring, but will not be able to participate in other school clubs. Academics will be in the beginning of the program this year. We will not be using campus staff. LBB staff includes UNT interns with content majors who are pursuing education minors.

12 Questions?

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