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What Do We Stand For? P Promoting R Responsibility I Independence D Decision-Making E Employability.

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3 What Do We Stand For? P Promoting R Responsibility I Independence D Decision-Making E Employability

4 Meet The Staff Kristina Masso: Teacher Marie Bren: Teachers Assistant Brenda Newton: Paraprofessional

5 Meet The Students Holly Arment-11 th Grade Shyla Gagne-11 th Grade Ryan Lewis-10 th Grade Angelina Mulroney- 12 th Grade+ Matthew Pike-Post Graduate/Employed

6 It Takes More Than Just 4 Walls of a School…. To Build a Community

7 HOW Do We Promote: Responsibility? Manage MHS School Store Assist MHS with Food Preparation/Hosting Bake Sales Positive Social Interactions with Mentor Program Peers Assisting MHS teachers with clerical jobs Participating in MCAS Alternative Assessment Portfolios

8 How do we promote Independence? Promoting transitions from classes independently Building money skills to be more independent making purchases in school and out in the community Learning how to prepare meals independently for self and others! Utilizing a variety of foods for cooking homemade recipes for MHS staff parties, meetings and bake sales for fundraisers. For example: when in season utilizing pumpkin, apples, tomatoes, to prepare homemade tomato sauce, cookies and party trays.

9 How do we promote: Decision – Making? We Rule Classroom by Democratic Vote! By Choosing leisure/recreational activities for Field Trips By making good choices with our Health and Wellness We choose which inclusion classes to take For example: ceramics, printmaking, health, photography or digital imaging???

10 How do we promote: Employability? Transportation Training Career Exploration/Work Study Program Volunteering in our community(senior center) Supporting Fund Raising Activities(R-Word campaign, special Olympics, diversity week) Doing our work with a positive, I can do it attitude! Becoming College Students through our ICE Partnership through HCC




14 Our program offers this unique blend of skills that will support your child to succeed not only in high school and college, but also in life!

15 Our Curriculum Functional Academic s Math Math gets easier. Love it or hate it, math plays a big role in both school and everyday life. Learn strategies to make math more natural. For our Academics group we have the Saxon Math Series. For our transition and post grads we have the PCI Life Skills Math Program English Read faster, comprehend more, move on. Plan, write, polish. For our academics group we have the McGlaughton Basic Reading and Writing Skills and PCI Reading Intervention Program. For our transition and post grads we have our PCI Life Skills English Program. Science/Health Learn all about the human body through our PCI Life Skills Biology Unit. Social Studies Come and explore US and World History through our PCI Program. Electives Remember anything, anytime. Whatever your interests are we have a class fit for you!

16 Our Curriculum Continued… Functional Life Skills Communication and Relationships Convey your needs, opinions, frustrations and feelings in a positive manner. Learn new tools to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts with family and friends, listen, and make your points heard. Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Learn creative thinking skills and the steps to solving problems. Breaking Through Personal Barriers As you learn how to break through barriers, you also gain confidence in your ability to give 100% in every task. As you gain confidence, you become more motivated to tackle new challenges.

17 What Else makes our Program Rock? Great Peer Mentor Program to build valuable friendships Great diversity with students and staff !!! Our unique grouping of students by age, learning needs, and learning styles……

18 The PRIDE Cycle Functional Academics TransitionVocational Post Graduate

19 Its All in the Connections HCC/ICE Partnership DDS MRC Stavros Field Trips Person Centered Planning IEP Meetings Peer Mentors as Job Coaches

20 Connections Continued…. Fundraising Local Newspaper-The Journal Registrar Federation for Students with Special Needs Special Olympics Work Study Programs School Principal Special Education Director YOU

21 Questions?

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