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China Geography Economics Politics –Slide 1Slide 1 –Slide 2Slide 2 –Slide 3Slide 3 Religion -Slide 1Slide 1 -Slide 2Slide 2 Society & Culture -Slide 1Slide.

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1 China Geography Economics Politics –Slide 1Slide 1 –Slide 2Slide 2 –Slide 3Slide 3 Religion -Slide 1Slide 1 -Slide 2Slide 2 Society & Culture -Slide 1Slide 1 -Slide 2Slide 2 Science & Technology -Slide 1Slide 1 -Slide 2Slide 2

2 Theme: Geography I.Settled by the Huang He (Yellow River) & Chang Jiang (Yangzi River) A.Flooded, provided silt B.Fertile soil, irrigation for farming C.Stable food supply (surplus) D.Provided for division of labor and civilization II.Provided Natural Barriers (protection & isolation) A.Gobi Desert (north) B.Himalayas Mountains (west) C.Plateau of Tibet (west) D.Pacific Ocean (east) Like Mesopotamia, Egypt, & India 2R

3 Theme: Economics I.Silk Road – most famous trade route A. 4,000 mile long network of routes B. Ended at the Mediterranean Sea C. Traveled in groups for protection D. Weather presented dangers E. Traded with Rome for silver, gold, precious stones, and horses. F. Silk made China wealthy 1. Could be woven into beautiful fabric 3R

4 Theme: Politics I. Xia Dynasty A.2200 B.C. II.Shang Dynasty A. 1500’s B.C. III.Zhou Dynasty A. 1100’s B.C. B. Warring States Period 1. No strong government 2. struggles for power, disorder C. Ideas to help end Warring States Period emerged 1. Confucius – taught morals 2. Laozi – taught Daoism 3. Legalism 4R

5 Theme: Politics IV. Qin Dynasty A. Qin Shi Huang Di – leader, 221 B.C. B. followed Legalism philosophy 1. belief that people were bad by nature & needed to be controlled 2. strong government 3. strict laws 4. harsh punishments C. unified China – standard laws, writing, money, & weights D. built network of roads & canals E. built irrigation system to increase farming F. built the Great Wall to protect China from invaders G. country fell into civil war after his death in 210 B.C. 4R

6 Theme: Politics V. Han Dynasty – lasted 400 years A. Liu Bang first emperor 1. peasant 2. no harsh government policies 3. lower taxes B. Emperor Wudi – 140BC 1. Confucianism – official government 2. Began University to teach Confucian ideas 4R

7 Theme: Religion I.Confucianism A. Confucius, 551-479 B.C. B. Ethics (do the right thing) C. Moral values (act decently) D. respectful & loyal to family E. kings should lead by example & show subjects good behavior II.Daoism A. Laozi – most famous leader B. stressed living in harmony with nature C. Universe is a balance of opposites that should be in harmony 5R

8 Theme: Religion III.Buddhism A. Spread from India along the Silk Road B. Offered rebirth and relief from suffering C. AD 200 Buddhist altars stood in emperor’s palace D. Buddhist texts translated into Chinese E. Buddha carved into mountain walls F. Many Chinese became Buddhist monks and nuns 5R

9 Theme: Society & Culture I.Shang Dynasty A. Social Order 1.nobles 2. artisans 3. farmers 4. slaves II.Zhou Dynasty A. Social Order 1.King – leaders had power from heaven 2. Lords & Warriors 3. Peasants 6R

10 Theme: Society & Culture III.Han Dynasty – Confucian System A. Social Order – 4 classes 1. Upper Class: emperor, his court, scholars in gov. positions 2. Second Class: largest, peasants (most are poor) 3. Artisans: made daily life items and luxury goods 4. Merchants: lowest (some wealthy and powerful) Note: military not a part of class system, but a part of government IV.Confucian Teachings about Family A. Respect elders B. Disobeying parents = crime C. Father head of family D. Woman’s duty to obey husband E. Children obey father F. Honoring one’s family = most important 6R

11 Theme: Science & Technology I.Shang Dynasty A. China’s first writing system 1. Over 2,000 symbols 2. oracle bones B. Bronze containers C. jade axes, knives, ornaments D. Military chariots, bows, armor E. Calendar based on moon cycles 7R

12 Theme: Science & Technology II. Han Dynasty A. Expert figure painters B. Poetry: Fu style & Shi style C. Paper – made by grinding plant fibers into a paste D. Sundail E. Seismograph F. Acupuncture G. Master Ironworkers 1. swords & armor 2. iron plow 3. wheelbarrow 4. single wheeled cart H. Silk 1. Only Chinese women knew the procedure 2. Revealing procedure was punishable by death 7R

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