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10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt Philosophy.

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1 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt Philosophy LegacyGeographyDynastiesPotpourri

2 Three philosophies made up the belief systems of ancient China

3 What are Legalism, Confucianism and Daoism?

4 Focused on relationships and was written about in the Analects

5 What is Confucianism?

6 Believed that strict laws with harsh punishments were the way to control people

7 Who are legalists?

8 Philosophy that did not try to change things or argue about good and evil

9 What is Daoism?

10 An important teaching regarding treating parents and ancestors with respect

11 What is filial piety?

12 Trade goods and ideas eventually traveled this route

13 What is the Silk Road?

14 Before the invention of paper, the Chinese used this expensive resource to write and keep records on

15 What is silk?

16 When paper was first invented in China, around 105 A.D., it was made of

17 What is old rags, tree bark and hemp fibers?

18 The Chinese invented several things to make farming easier

19 What are a better plow, farm tools, a collar harness for horses, the wheelbarrow and the watermill?

20 This rare item could at one time only be found in China. It was so valuable that 1 pound of this was worth 1 pound of gold.

21 What is silk?

22 Three types of barriers isolated China from the rest of the world

23 What are mountains, seas, and deserts?

24 Because of its latitude and varied climate China’s geography can be compared to the geography of

25 What is the United States?

26 Chinese civilization began in this region

27 What is the North China Plain?

28 Two major river systems flow through the North China Plain

29 What are the Chang Jiang and the Huang He?

30 The Great Wall was built in this location to keep out invading nomads

31 What is in the north?

32 Came from the state of Qin and brought an end to the Time of the Warring States

33 Who is Shi Huangdi?

34 Began the Han Dynasty and set up bureaucracy style of government

35 Who is Liu Bang?

36 Called the Martial Emperor because he expanded China through the use of war

37 Who is Wudi?

38 Emperor who built both the Great Wall to protect China, and Terra Cotta Soldiers to help him in the afterlife

39 Who is Shi Huangdi?

40 The Qin and Han Dynasties both had one of these

41 What is a strong central government?

42 Missionaries from India came to China bringing a new philosophy with them

43 What is Buddhism?

44 When cultural customs and ideas were shared along the Silk Road

45 What is cultural diffusion?

46 The royal priests communicated to the gods through scratches and cracks on _______, but people wrote to each other using __________

47 What are oracle bones and pictographs?

48 Good rulers were thought to have the _________________, but when a ruler was bad or foolish they would lose it and the _____________ would be repeated

49 What are the Mandate of Heaven and the dynastic cycle?

50 The rulers of this dynasty set up tests to find the most ethical and educated people to serve in the government

51 Who are the Han?

52 Final Jeopardy: Essay Questions

53 Essay Questions (You will be required to do one essay, but may complete a 2 nd, 3 rd, or even 4 th for extra credit!) Answers will need to be at least 3-5 sentences in length and you must restate the question. 1.Explain the basic beliefs of Confucian philosophy. Think About: - the Five Relationships - codes of proper conduct - the importance of obedience and respect 2. Explain why the Qin dynasty lasted such a short time. Think About: - the policies of Shi Huangdi - the rule of Shi Huangdi's son - the role of the peasants

54 3. Compare and contrast the reigns of Liu Bang, the founder of the Han dynasty, and Shi Huangdi, the founder of the Qin dynasty. Think About: - the kind of government each ruler established - each ruler's accomplishments -the way each ruler treated the people 4. Describe the influence of geography on early Chinese civilization. Think About: - the role of rivers in the development of Chinese civilization - the physical geography of China's borders - the role played by outside invasions in China's history - the influence of the Silk Roads on China's development

55 No answers to essays will be given here, but you have the opportunity to study and prepare for your essays. Ask me questions BEFORE the test.

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