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Standards Based Grading. About Mr. Gutierrez  Born and raised in Southern California  Moved to Arizona in 2009  Graduate of Arizona State University.

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1 Standards Based Grading

2 About Mr. Gutierrez  Born and raised in Southern California  Moved to Arizona in 2009  Graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S in secondary education with an emphasis in history  Current defensive coordinator of Mountain Pointe Men's lacrosse team  I enjoy teaching, coaching, sports, fishing and music

3 Conversion Scale to Traditional Grades Average Scale Score across Multiple Goals Traditional Grade 3.75-4.00A+ 3.26-3.74A 3.00-3.25A- 2.84-2.99B+ 2.67-2.83B 2.50-2.66B- 2.34-2.49C+ 2.17-2.33C 2.00-2.16C- 1.76-1.99D+ 1.26-1.75D 1.00-1.25D- Below 1.00F 4.0 Scale will be entered and averaged for a final grade. Example: Tests for Quarter 1: Standard A: 3 Standard B: 3.5 Standard C: 2.5 AVERAGE: 3.0 GRADE: A-

4 Assessments- Autopsy vs. Check-Ups In the past, our tests, grades, and report cards were treated as autopsies…. when we should have viewed them as check-ups. A Summative Assessment (test) measures PROFICIENCY A Formative Assessment (quiz) measures PROGRESS toward proficiency

5 Kyrene School District Social Studies Belief Statements The focus of Social Studies instruction in the Kyrene School District is to develop the academic content and skills in the four interrelated disciplines of history, geography, civics/government, and economics that are essential to an understanding of human experience, past and present for all learners. The following are Kyrene's goals in the four strands of Social Studies

6 History (US)  Develop an understanding of chronological thinking, the connection between causes and effects, and between continuity and change  Develop citizens who understand contemporary issues with a depth and wisdom drawn form the experience of the past.

7 Geography  Teach students to think spatially  Develop an understanding of the human and physical characteristics of the Earth's places and regions.  Understand how people of different cultural backgrounds interact with their environment.  Develop an understanding of the essential skills of asking geographic questions: acquiring, presenting, and analyzing.

8 Civics/ Government  Develop in all students the knowledge and skills for informed, responsible participation in public life.  Develop a basic understanding of political and government and practice the skills of good citizenship.  Develop an understanding of the importance of each person as an individual, and the respect for human and civil rights of all people.

9 Economics  Develop an economic way of thinking and problem solving in order to understand an apply basic economic principles to decisions that will be made as consumers, members of the workforce, citizens, voters and participants in a global marketplace.

10 7 th Grade Social Studies Major Units of Study  1st Quarter  Causes of the Civil War  Civil War  2nd Quarter  Civil War Reconstruction  Industrial Revolution  3rd Quarter  Immigration  Progressive Era  4th Quarter  Age of Imperialism  World War 1  Great Depression  Throughout the year Economics, Geography and civics

11 CMS Practice Policy  Practice work will be accepted until the day of the unit assessment. However, after the assessment has been taken, the practice work will no longer be accepted.  I usually give one homework assignment a week- practice varies.  Students will need to study for test or quizzes every week.  Work not completed in class is usually homework.

12 Reassessments  Reassessments are available only on the final unit test  Keep in mind they will be tracking their progress so that should be a predictor as to how they do on the final unit test.

13 Textbooks and Materials Students do not have a textbook to take home because it is all online. Any student who does not have internet access may be given a book to take home.  The book will be available online at ClasszoneClasszone  Each student will have a sign-in and password.

14 Class Supplies  1 spiral notebook (for social studies only)  1 notebook (for social studies only)  Paper, pens and pencils  Colored pencils (if possible)  Great attitude!


16 Generic Scale

17 Questions?   480-541-6510 Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

18 Advance American History  What makes it advanced?  Students will complete activities and projects that go deeper into content to enhance their understanding.  How does the workload differ from American History?  Students in advanced will be doing more rigorous work, not more work

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