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Alejandro Vasquez (8C) 480-541-5954

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1 Alejandro Vasquez (8C) 480-541-5954

2  A+ School of Excellence  “A” school from the Arizona Department of Education  Way to go Rattlers!

3  Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and American History  Master’s degree in American Politics  Post-Baccalaureate in Secondary Education Social Studies  Arizona Highly Qualified and Certified in 7 th -12 th grade  4.5 years teaching experience 8 th grade Social Studies

4 This year we will be studying United States History starting with the American Revolution and how it led to the formation of the U.S. Government, the Constitution, and U.S. History from WWII to the present.

5  Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through individual and collaborative work, project-based learning, simulations, writing assignments, and assessments. The focus this year is to integrate the common core standards into the curriculum, so an emphasis will be placed on practicing and assessing critical thinking skills.  1st Quarter ◦ The Road to Revolution ◦ The American Revolution  2nd Quarter ◦ The Constitution ◦ Bill of Rights ◦ Arizona Government  3rd Quarter ◦ World War II ◦ The Cold War  4th Quarter ◦ The Civil Rights movement ◦ The Vietnam War ◦ The 1980's -Present ◦ Personal Finance

6  American History Textbook and Atlas  Civic in America  Consumer Economics and Personal Finance  Atlas of United States History  Historical Reader: Forging a New Nation, World War II, Japanese-American Internment, The Vietnam War, and Civil Right.  Technology in the room

7  Please check my website to stay updated with current assignments and test dates.  Our US History textbook is uploaded to my website. Volunteer?  is a website connected to our book to provide activities for quiz and test review. I am always available via email for questions on assignments/exams, etc.


9  Assessments: 90% (tests, quizzes, projects, and writing assignments)  Practice: 10% (classwork )  Studying: Review vocabulary and returned assignments/notes (parents, ask to these). Make flashcards, use the interactive reviews on Classzone, create a timeline to understand cause and effect, etc. You are not limited to just these strategies. Do what works for you and try other things as well.  Test makeups: Exams are announced well in advance, so please prepare accordingly. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I do not allow makeups for poor performance.  Late Work: Students will receive partial credit until the next unit test

10  One 3 ring-binder just for US History II( Students are expected to take their US History II binder home nightly to study for the upcoming assessment or to complete an in class assignment. There is always an exam ahead, so study if you have the time ).  Folder ( Returned assignments should be kept and saved for future assessments )  Pencils (daily)  Highlighters(pink, yellow, green, and blue)  Crayons/colored pencils/washable markers  Class donations- Copy paper/tissues/Lysol wipes/dry-erase markers

11 Test Differentiation I provide test differentiation using student scores on early assessments and observations at the start of the school year, or IEPs. Student assessment data shapes instruction. This provides higher level questions/vocabulary for more capable students and grade level questions/vocabulary on smaller scale for other students. I give two tests for each unit – vocabulary and written. The written test is short answer, extended response, and multiple choice. Students choose 3/6 short answer, 1of 2 extended response to answer, and all of the multiple choice questions. By differentiating, I am able to monitor and adjust the assessment given to students as they show growth. I assess progress on the tests on an as-needed basis, but usually quarterly. By differentiating and providing choice in what questions to answer, I can speak to specific strengths and/or areas in which a student needs improvement.

12 Akimel A-al Motto High Standards; High Achievement; High Expectations for All We want students to be independent and responsible learners How can we achieve this?

13 Questions/comments?? Please email me or fill out an index card with your information and I will answer promptly.

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