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Welcome to 7A Social Studies! Mr. Lemieux C-1 Please come in and have a seat!

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1 Welcome to 7A Social Studies! Mr. Lemieux C-1 Please come in and have a seat!

2 About Mr. Lemieux 16 Years of teaching experience. A teacher at CMS since 1998. Has taught at Centennial since 1998. Graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S. in Political Science and a minors in History and Geography. Middle School, Counseling, and ESL endorsements. Enjoys teaching and seeing kids grow. Coaches cross country, boys basketball, girls basketball Loves sports, reading and teaching.

3 7 th Grade Social Studies Major Units of Study Citizenship Historical Research1 st Quarter Causes of the Civil War Civil War2 nd Quarter Reconstruction Research Project Industrial Revolution3 rd Quarter Immigration Progressive Era Age of Imperialism4 th Quarter World War I Great Depression Economics, Geography and CivicThroughout the Year

4 Kyrene School District Social Studies Belief Statements The focus of Social Studies instruction in the Kyrene School District is to develop the academic content and skills in the four interrelated disciplines of history, geography, civics/government, and economics that are essential to an understanding of human experience, past and present for all learners. The following are Kyrene's goals in the four strands of Social Studies

5 Course Objectives Understand the contribution of individuals and groups to the history, geography, social-political, and cultural development of the U.S. Understand U.S. government Understand Arizona History and government

6 History Develop an understanding of chronological thinking, the connection between causes and effects, and between continuity and change. Develop citizens who understand contemporary issues with a depth and wisdom drawn from the experience of the past.

7 Civics/Government Develop in all students the knowledge and skills for informed, responsible participation in public life. Develop a basic understanding of politics and government, and practice the skills of good citizenship. Develop an understanding of the importance of each person as an individual, and the respect for human and civil rights of all people.

8 Geography Teach students to think spatially. Develop an understanding of the human and physical characteristics of the Earth's places and regions. Understand how people of different cultural backgrounds interact with their environment. Develop an understanding of the essential skills of asking geographic questions: acquiring, presenting, and analyzing.

9 Economics Develop an economic way of thinking and problem solving in order to understand and apply basic economic principles to decisions that will be made as consumers, members of the workforce, citizens, voters, and participants in a global marketplace.

10 Textbooks and Materials Students do not have a textbook to take home because it is all online. Any student who does not have internet access will be given a book to take home. The book will be available online at ClasszoneClasszone Each student will have a sign-in and password. New Materials adopted this year: McDougal Littell: American History McDougal Littell: Consumer Economics and Personal Finance McDougal Littell: Presidential Elections Handbook

11 Grading Criteria Percentages are based on accumulated values of projects, tests, quizzes, in-class work, homework, and class participation. 100-90% = A 89-80% = B 79-70% = C 69-60% = D 59-0% = F

12 CMS Homework Policy One essential component of academic success is for the student to take personal responsibility for his/her schoolwork, homework, and projects. Most of our students have shown the ability to meet this challenge. However, some students have struggled with taking ownership of their grades. As a team of teachers and administrators, we feel it is important for our students to learn this responsibility now rather than later in their schooling process. Therefore, we have decided to implement a firm expectation that all work will be turned in on time. If a student turns in an assignment one day late in a core class; Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, or Science; he/she will receive 50% credit. After that, the assignment will not be accepted for credit. The exploratory teachers will continue with their current homework expectations. I usually give one homework assignment a week- A current event. Students will need to study for test or quizzes every week. Work not completed in class is usually homework.

13 Class Activities History Scrapbook/Web Page CNN Student News Daily Geography Individual and group projects Civil War Research Project Country project Newsletter Project Videos, movies, news and other media Kids Voting Internet Activities Mock Trials Debates Web Quests Current Events Computer Lab 8 laptops in the classroom! Classzone

14 Class Expectations Based on Character Counts: Respect for Self I will always do my best I will positively participate in all classroom activities Respect for Others I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others I will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others I will respect other people’s differences and opinions Respect for Class I will raise my hand to speak I will enter and exit the room quietly I will enter the room on time and prepared for learning I will complete all assignments on time I will actively listen when the teacher is speaking

15 Questions? 480-783-2556 7A Team Page Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

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