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College Essay What’s the Point? What Do I Write About?

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2 College Essay

3 What’s the Point?

4 What Do I Write About?

5 Audience Written with an admission official in mind Does not use slang

6 Precision Essay relates to the topic Uses details and avoids generalizations Presents clear images relating to the essay topic Ideas are organized and logically ordered

7 Style Demonstrates your writing ability Variety in sentence structure Appropriate vocabulary No comic writing

8 Mechanics Grammar and punctuation are correct No misspellings Proper format (MLA unless otherwise noted) 500 words (unless otherwise noted)

9 Subjects What is the writing prompt?

10 Examples Tell us about yourself. What is something we should know about you that is not on your application?

11 Examples Describe a humorous experience you have had

12 Examples Please write about a life experience that has influenced your intellectual and personal growth

13 Examples If you had to formulate the perfect admissions question, what would it be, and how would you answer it?

14 Examples Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

15 Subjects Don’t make it tougher than it is Look at ordinary experiences

16 Subjects Experiences where you learned something –About yourself –About others

17 Remember the Audience Read by adults Do not use slang

18 Watch the Humor Avoid comic writing

19 Keep to the Specified Length As a rule, write about 500 words Some schools may specify

20 Use Details Be precise Paint the picture

21 Be Yourself Use your writing style Do not try to overwrite the essay

22 Proofread #1 Have someone else read it

23 Proofread #2 Spelling and grammar must be checked

24 Characteristics of a Good College Admissions Essay A Compelling and Focused Topic Well Organized An Interesting Topic or Approach Polished and Edited Personal and Meaningful Good Writing Show the Reader That You’re Unique

25 Tips for Writing Well Perfect Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Appropriate Vocabulary Use an Active Voice Vary Sentences Use Gender-Neutral Language Appropriate Style

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