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The Five Paragraph Essay Prepared By: Joseph James Glover.

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2 The Five Paragraph Essay Prepared By: Joseph James Glover

3 Writing Strategies: Students will write clear, coherent, and focused essays. Writing exhibits awareness of audience and purpose. Essays contain formal introductions, bodies of supporting evidence, and conclusions. Students successfully use the stages of the writing process, as needed.

4 Why Write an Essay? You want to present your research on any given subject. You want to convince someone regarding your point of view regarding an issue. You want to present multiple ideas/issues that wouldn’t fit into a single-paragraph situation. You want to sound intelligent and organized Finally, you want to succeed in High School, College, and Life!


6 Cheeseburger in Paradise: The Perfect Triple-Decker Paragraph TOPIC SENTENCE: -A promise to the reader CONCLUSION: - Summary, restate, look forward. SUPPORTING DETAILS: -All the ingredients

7 The Set-Up: First Paragraph IntroductionFirst Paragraph: Introduction: The purpose of this first paragraph is to “set up,” or tell your audience what it is that you will be explaining, describing, or arguing for or against. This paragraph shall contain: A Thesis Sentence and Three (3) supporting sentences.

8 The Set-Up Continued... The Thesis Sentence describes (1) the issue being discussed and (2)the point-of-view that you believe. The Three Supporting Sentences that follow the thesis are to be the main points of your argument. These Three Supporting Sentences will also be the Theses for paragraphs two (2), three (3), and four (4).

9 The Main Deal: Support Paragraphs Paragraphs two (2), three (3), and four (4) are the main body of your essay. In these paragraphs you will give: (1) the information that you’ve gathered in the form of examples (2) argumentation, using your information, that supports your Thesis Statement.

10 The Conclusion: Wrapping It Up When concluding your essay, you should restate the points that you have made. Most importantly, you must conclude profoundly…In other words, leave your audience with your “best shot.”

11 Tips: Dos and Don’ts NEVER use the following in an essay: –I’m going to write/talk about… –My essay is about… –Well… –You, Your, You’re –What I’m trying to say… –Stuff –The topic of this essay is –It is due...

12 Tips: Dos and Don’ts Things to Check For: –Correct spelling, grammar, complete sentences and punctuation. –Did you repeat words and/or phrases? –Were you mature, expressive and clear? –Has your essay been proofread? –Is your essay ready for publishing? All of the above check out You, in fact, have 5 paragraphs with 5 sentences each… Well, Turn it in!

13 Peer Editing Worksheet Name of Writer ___________________ Name of Peer Editor _______________ Title of Paper _____________________ Is the proper format (Topic, Example, Example, Example, Conclusion) clearly used in each paragraph? Are the formal writing rules followed? Are all directions followed? Is each sentence mature, expressive, and clearly on the topic? Is each new paragraph indented without lines being skipped (unless directed to double-space)? Does each new sentence, and all proper nouns, begin with a capital letter? Are all words spelled correctly Is proper punctuation used? Mark the writer’s paper as you see fit. Be Constructive and helpful, while maintaining high standards. Think like a teacher, not a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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