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DNA & Genetic Engineering Review. Scientists & Experiments DNARNA DNA Technology MISC 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 DNA & Genetic Engineering Review

2 Scientists & Experiments DNARNA DNA Technology MISC

3 Scientists & Experiments 100 These 2 scientists performed an experiment in which bacteriophages were tagged with radioactive isotopes to prove that DNA is the hereditary molecule. a.Franklin & Wilkins b.Hershey & Chase c.Watson & Crick Answer

4 Scientists & Experiments 200 Which scientist discovered harmless rough bacteria could be transformed into deadly smooth bacteria? a.Avery b.Chargraff c.Griffith d.Kelly Answer

5 Scientists & Experiments 300 These 2 scientists solved the puzzle of the structure of DNA and built a model showing it was a double helix. a.Franklin & Wilkins b.Hershey & Chase c.Watson & Crick Answer

6 Scientists & Experiments 400 Which scientist discovered DNA was the molecule that transformed the rough to smooth bacteria? a.Avery b.Chargraff c.Griffith d.Kelly Answer

7 Scientists & Experiments 500 This scientist used X-rays on a DNA molecule to show the double helix pattern. a.Oswald Avery b.Frederick Griffith c.Erwin Chargraff d.Rosalind Franklin Answer

8 DNA 100 Which sugar does DNA contain? Answer

9 DNA 200 What are the 3 parts of a nuleotide? Answer

10 DNA 300 Where is DNA located in eukaryotic cells? Answer

11 DNA 400 What is the process called where DNA is copied? Answer

12 DNA 500 What does semiconservative replication mean? Answer

13 RNA 100 Which sugar does RNA contain? Answer

14 RNA 200 Which type of RNA carries amino acids? Answer

15 RNA 300 In which part of the cell does translation take place? Answer

16 RNA 400 Which type of RNA receives the information directly from DNA? Answer

17 RNA 500 Describe the process of transcription. Answer

18 DNA Technology 100 A genetically engineered organism that contains a gene from another organism is called a ________. a.genetic organism b.transgenic organism c.bacterial organism d.cloned organism Answer

19 DNA Technology 200 The process by which desired traits are selected and passed on to future generations of organisms is called ________. Answer

20 DNA Technology 300 A DNA molecule containing regions from different sources is called ________. a. restriction DNA b. template DNA c. DNA ligase d. recombinant DNA Answer

21 DNA Technology 400 What is the term used to describe the complete genetic information of a cell or organism? Answer

22 DNA Technology 500 What is the function of gel electrophoresis in DNA fingerprinting? Answer

23 MISC 100 How many codons are needed to specify 8 amino acids? Answer

24 MISC 200 In which type of mutation will every amino acid after the mutation be changed? a.Frameshift b.Point mutation c.Substitution Answer

25 MISC 300 Arrange the following in order from largest to smallest in size: nucleotide, chromosome, cell, DNA, nucleus Answer

26 MISC 400 If a sample of DNA contains 32% thymine (T), according to Chargraffs law, what % will be guanine (G)? Answer

27 MISC 500 What happens during translation? Answer

28 Scientists & Experiments Answer b. Hershey & Chase Game Board

29 Scientists & Experiments Answer c.Griffith Game Board

30 Scientists & Experiments Answer c.Watson & Crick Game Board

31 Scientists & Experiments Answer a.Avery Game Board

32 Scientists & Experiments Answer d.Rosalind Franklin Game Board

33 DNA Answer Game Board

34 DNA Answer 1.5-carbon sugar 2.phosphate group 3.nitrogenous base Game Board

35 DNA 300- Answer In the nucleus Game Board

36 DNA Answer Replication Game Board

37 DNA Answer DNA replication results in 2 DNA molecules, each with one original strand and one new strand. Game Board

38 RNA Answer ribose Game Board

39 RNA Answer tRNA Game Board

40 RNA Answer At the ribosomes Game Board

41 RNA 400- Answer mRNA Game Board

42 RNA Answer DNA is copied into a complementary strand of mRNA Game Board

43 DNA Technology Answer b. transgenic organism Game Board

44 DNA Technology Answer Selective breeding Game Board

45 Chemical Quantities Answer d. recombinant DNA Game Board

46 DNA Technology Answer Genome Game Board

47 Chemical Quantities Answer To separate DNA fragments Game Board

48 MISC Answer Eight Game Board

49 MISC Answer a.Frameshift Game Board

50 MISC Answer cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nuleotide Game Board

51 MISC Answer 18% Guanine 32% Thymine + 32% Adenine = 64% 100% - 64% = 36% 36% / 2 = 18% ** 18% Guanine & 18% Cytosine Game Board

52 MISC Answer The cell uses information from mRNA to produce proteins. Game Board


54 Final Jeopardy Use the following tRNA strand to write the corresponding DNA strand, mRNA strand, and amino acid sequence. tRNA: GUACGAUGCGUGAAUUAGG Answer

55 Final Jeopardy DNA:GTACGATGCGTGAATTAGG mRNA:CAUGCUACGCACUUAAUCC Amino Acid:meth-leuc-arg-thre-stop

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