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Make Voc. Flashcards: Unitary: central government has all the power

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1 Make Voc. Flashcards: Unitary: central government has all the power
Confederation: local governments have all the power Federal: central and local governments share the power

2 Your Task In your group, read CRCT Test Prep pages (starts at bottom of page 134 “Unitary, Confederation, and Federal Government Systems”). Your group needs to be ready to explain to the class what this section is about. You have 15 minutes.

3 GPS and E.Q. GPS: SS6CG4 The student will compare and contrast various forms of government. a. Describe the ways government systems distribute power: unitary, confederation, and federal. E.Q. How is POWER shared between governments and people?

4 http://www. slideshare

5 Is this your group? 1 person controlled everything.
The other people in the group didn’t get to make any of the decisions.

6 Is this your group? One person was in control.
He or she let group members make some decisions. The “boss” did some work and the group members did some work.

7 Is this your group? The people in the group agreed to work together.
Each person did his or her share. Either nobody was able to gain control of the group OR the group picked one person guide them.

8 See if you can recognize which type of “government system” most closely matches your group’s behavior…..



11 British Commonwealth

12 British Commonwealth



15 Fold a piece of paper in half like a hamburger.
Fold crease down 1 inch. Fold the paper in thirds. Cut the top into “flaps” along the creases.

16 Outside of Flap Book How is Power Shared? Confederation Unitary
Federal Local Local Local

17 Inside of Flap Book Write notes on Unitary here
Write notes on Federal here Write notes on Confederation here

18 Example: United Kingdom
Lift the Unitary flap. Example: United Kingdom

19 Example: British Commonwealth

20 Example: Germany, Russia

21 CRCT Test Prep Page 135: Copy questions and write out the BEST answer for each.

22 # 345. Which phrase BEST describes a confederation?
A. partners

23 #346. Which country in Europe has a federal government?
B. Germany

24 #347. One reason that the British Commonwealth is called a confederation is that member countries are A. Voluntary members

25 How did your group distribute its power?
Did you like the way your group worked together? Which type of government did your group come closest to matching? Which government would you prefer?

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