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Restoration & Enlightenment 1660-1798 England Page 516.

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1 Restoration & Enlightenment England Page 516

2 Restoration & Enlightenment King Charles II invited to the throne after exile in France (Charles I had been executed) England turned away from the grim era of Cromwells Puritan rule (theaters were closed, entertainment suspended) Charles II brought with him the glamour and style of France

3 Restoration & Enlightenment 1665Great Plague (100,000 dead) 1666Great Fire of London (75% burned) King James II succeeded Charles II and attempted to install Roman Catholicism as the State religion James II was replaced by Protestant, Mary and husband William (College in VA Educated 3 American presidents)

4 Restoration & Enlightenment 1702Queen Anne took the throne Scotland united with Englandbecame Great Britain Queen Anne outlived all 16 of her children Another 100 year war with France George I, George II, George III (1760– 1820)suffered from a mental illness (porphyria vampire-sunlight & garlic )-lost American Colonies

5 Restoration & Enlightenment 18 th Century--Age of Reason John Locke-Philosopher-Tabula Rasa (blank slate) Nature –vs- Nurture debate Isaac NewtonFather of Science (the most influential man in history) Farming and livestock methods improved Displaced peasants who moved into the cities to work in factoriesindustrial revolution

6 Restoration & Enlightenment Restorationthe return of the monarchy to England Enlightenmentthe philosophical movement of the 18 th century that emphasized the use of reason Samuel Johnson (1755) published Dictionary of the English Language 40,000 words and definitions

7 Restoration & Enlightenment Great British authors of the R&E Samuel Pepys (Diary) John Milton (Paradise Lost) Daniel Defoe (Robinson Crusoe) Jonathan Swift (Gullivers Travels)

8 The Diary of Samuel Pepys pg.525 Samuel Pepys Began diary at age 26 (continued for over 40 years) wrote over 1.2 million words Helped save the Navy office during the Great Fire of London Appointed as Sec of Navyhelped make England a major sea power

9 The Diary of Samuel Pepys pg.525 Firsthand account of events that occurred over 300 years ago ( ) Wrote in shorthand to ensure privacy of his thoughts Diarywriters personal day-to-day account of his or her experiences and impressions (personal and public)

10 The Diary of Samuel Pepys Informal Diary writingPepsy writes in sentence fragments, using participles only, ex. May 23…the King walking…his traveling…his sitting… Samuels account of King Charles II coronation (restoration) Charles II account of his exile to France Through six weeks of narrow escaped Charles managed to flee England in disguise, despite a reward of £1,000 on his head, risk of death for anyone caught helping him and the difficulty in disguising Charles, who was unusually tall at over 6 feet (185 cm) high.£

11 The Diary of Samuel Pepys Firsthand account of the Great Fire of London1666 Started in a Bakery on Pudding Lane, destroyed 13,000 homes, only 16 deaths Firefighters used fire-breaks to stop the fire; they blew up structures with gunpowder Helped end the plague by killing rats

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13 Daniel Defoe pg. 583 Ups and downs in business as a merchant Wrote controversial Political pamphlets Put in the pillory or stocks and pelted with flowers instead of rotten fruit Began writing novels in his late 50s. Robinson Crusoe was Defoes first Novel

14 Robinson Crusoe (pg. 566) Full title: The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner Published 1719 First important English novel (New) Classic adventure story Written in the first person POV Ordinary people in extraordinary situations

15 Robinson Crusoe continued Based on true story of a shipwrecked sailor on a deserted island Although fiction, many believed it to be a true account RC is basis for comic books, movies and science fiction adventures

16 Robinson Crusoe continued Crusoe learns valuable skills and lessons in his 28 year ordeal: Craft tools, carpentry, pottery, agriculture and animal husbandry Appreciates the moral and social values back home in England Rescues Friday from cannibals Finally is rescued by passing ship which he saves from mutineers

17 Castaway

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19 GULLIVERS TRAVELS SATIRE--A literary technique in which behaviors or institutions are ridiculed for the purpose of improving society EXAMPLES: SNL, COMICS, CARICATURES, PARODIES

20 Examples of Satire Weekend Update from Saturday Night Live The Daily Show the movie Scary Movie the movies of Austin Powers most political cartoons in newspapers and magazines the songs of Weird Al Yankovic

21 Satire Today



24 FANTASY Literature in which the limits of reality are purposely disregarded

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