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English Constitutional Monarchy Bring Back The King! The Restoration Period.

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1 English Constitutional Monarchy Bring Back The King! The Restoration Period

2 Charles II “Merry Monarch” Removed Puritan restrictions on theater Conceded to Parliament in conflicting matters - most of the time. War with the Dutch - over commerce NO alliance with France - started 150 years of conflict

3 James II Upset everyone! Marriage #1 - 2 protestant daughters, Mary & Anne Marriage # 2 - one RC son ( Here we go again!) - upset the protestants Tried to ease life for RC - upset the Whigs

4 Gossip about James

5 Glorious Revolution 1688 Parliament decided to invite a daughter from marriage #1 to assume the throne. Mary had married William of Orange (Netherlands) They took the throne - no force was necessary

6 William & Mary


8 Political Parties develop Tory - Irish/Outlaws Whig - Horse thief

9 Political Cartoon - Gilray James Gilray became a famous political commentator of the day with his satirical cartoons. This is his view of the political parties

10 Thomas Hobbes English Philosopher hated the chaos of the civil war. Wrote Leviathan- In order to maintain a stable society, people made an unwritten SOCIAL CONTRACT by which they must give absolute power to the ruler or anarchy results

11 John Locke Articulated the principles on which the Glorious Revolution was inspired Wrote Two Treatise on Civil Government

12 People live 1st as individuals & then they give up some of their rights in a social contract to protect their other more sacred rights - own property, life& liberty Rulers who violate these rights violate the NATURAL LAW – (given by the creator or nature and cannot be taken away.)

13 Habeus Corpus 1679 A person must be brought before a judge and he would decide to charge or release Means “ You shall have my body”

14 Parliament would choose the ruler, who would be forced to follow parliamentary laws Could not proclaim or suspend any law Must get approval to have army or raise taxes No cruel or unusual punishment - had the right to petition the govt.

15 Toleration Act Freedom of conscience to most Protestants RC & Jews still restricted

16 If no heir to the throne - it would pass to Protestant heir in Hanover - Germany

17 House of Lords - nobles and high clergy House of Commons - male landowners and merchants NOT RESPRSENTATIVE OF MOST OF SOCIETY

18 Queen Anne 1702-1714 Mary’s sister 17 children…. all died before her. Set her own style with Queen Anne furniture

19 Act of Union 1707 St Andrew - Scotland St George - England 1st Union Flag Add St Patrick’s cross = Union Flag Great Britain became name of new nation - to avoid war with France. Gave Scots seats in English House of Commons Scotland prospered as a result

20 Sophie Electress Of Hanover Designated heir after Queen Anne - she died before she could take her place. Throne went to her son - George


22 George I 1714-1727 Spoke no English Starts Hanoverian Dynasty

23 Sir Robert Walpole Appointed by George II (1727-1760) b/c he wanted Prime Minister to run the Govt. PM = real head of government

24 Limited Constitutional Monarchy Monarch was head of state, limited by Parliament. Government managed by the PM and his cabinet No written Constitution in England…..made up of all of the above


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