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The cell cycle and mitosis

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1 The cell cycle and mitosis

2 Cells constantly reproduce exact duplicates of themselves. Why?
Replacement Repair Growth

3 Cells must make an exact copy of their DNA
DNA is the blueprint of the cell and is found in the nucleus

4 Cell growth and division happens in a series of recognizable steps called the Cell Cycle
Rephrase: what is the cell cycle?

5 Cell cycle has three phases
1. Interphase Cell growth DNA replication occurs 2. Mitosis Nuclear division 2 daughter cells formed, each has identical DNA 3. Cytokinesis 2 identical cells


7 DNA forms chromosomes-
For most of the cell’s life, DNA is arranged “loosely” in the form of chromatin During mitosis DNA condenses into chromosomes

8 Interphase Longest phase Cell grows
Chromosomes are duplicated- each duplicate is called a sister chromatid

9 Prophase Nuclear envelope breaks down
Sister chromatids joined at centromere Centrioles move to opposite ends and the spindle fibers form between them

10 Metaphase Short Spindle fibers attach to centromere
Sister chromatids line up along midline

11 Anaphase Sister chromatids are pulled apart by the spindle fibers

12 Telophase Final phase of mitosis- opposite of prophase
Chromatids reach opposite poles Nuclear envelope reforms Chromosomes unwind

13 Cytokinesis Cytoplasm division
Cytokinesis differs between plants and animals- why?

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