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Cell Growth and Division

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1 Cell Growth and Division

2 The Cell Cycle Cell Growth: Interphase
The cell cycle is the repeated sequence of cell growth followed by cell division. There are two stages to the cell cycle: Cell Growth: Interphase Cell Division: Mitosis & Cytokinesis

3 THE CELL CYCLE Interphase Mitosis Cytokinesis


5 INTERPHASE Interphase is the stage of the cell cycle that takes place before cell division occurs. During this phase the cell grows, copies its DNA, and prepares to divide. A cell spends 90% of its time in interphase. Interphase is divided into 3 phases: G1 phase: The cell grows and carries out its routine functions. Cells that are not dividing remain in the G1 phase. S-phase: The cell makes a copy of it’s DNA. This is called Replication. G2 phase: The cell grows and prepares for cell division.

6 S-Phase: DNA Replication
During the Synthesis (S) phase the cell’s DNA is duplicated. At the end of this phase, each chromosomes consists of two chromatids attached at the centromere.

7 Cell Division: Cell division is the process whereby the cell divides into two daughter cells. Cell division functions in reproduction, growth, and repair. Cell division distributes identical sets of chromosomes to the daughter cells. The amazing thing with cellular division is how accurate it is. There are two parts of cell division: the division of the nucleus called mitosis and the division of the cytoplasm called cytokinesis.

8 MITOSIS Mitosis- The process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell is divided into two nuclei.

9 MITOSIS I Prefer Mangos And Tangerines
Interphase (not really part of mitosis) Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

10 PROPHASE Prophase- This is the longest phase. During this phase;
The nuclear envelope disappears. The centrioles start to move to the opposite poles. Spindle fibers start to form. Paired chromosomes thicken and become evident.

11 METAPHASE Metaphase-Metaphase is the shortest phase of mitosis.
The chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell.

12 ANAPHASE ANAPHASE begins when the sister chromatids pull apart.
The pairs of chromosomes move away from each other to the opposite sides of the cell toward the centrioles.

13 TELOPHASE TELOPHASE is the final stage in the process of mitosis.
Chromosomes are at the opposite poles. Nuclear envelopes forms to make two nuclei.

14 CYTOKINESIS Cytokinesis- the division of the cytoplasm that results in two new daughter cells. In plants, a cell plate forms across the equator, so the membrane doesn’t have to pinch in. ** Centrioles are not found in plant cells during cell division.

15 The Cell Cycle Begins Again
Two daughter cells are formed, each having a complete set of genetic material (DNA)…and the cell cycle begins again.

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