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MITOSIS the key to growth.

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1 MITOSIS the key to growth

2 Mitosis - the division of the nucleus into two equal sets of genetic information
Basically, simple cell division

3 Mitosis is part of the Cell Cycle
The cell cycle is divided into 5 phases. 1. Interphase 2. Prophase 3. Metaphase Mitosis 4. Anaphase 5. Telophase **This is a moving, continuous process. Stages are for study.

4 Period of growth and normal cell activity
Interphase Period of growth and normal cell activity Events of Interphase: 90% of the cell life. DNA is in the form of chromatin. DNA replicates, making two exact copies of each chromosome. 2 centrioles appear. Stages of interphase: G1 (Gap 1) – normal cell growth S (Synthesis) – DNA synthesis (replication) G2 (Gap 2) – prepares for cell division

5 Interphase Look for a distinct nucleus

6 Mitosis: Prophase Three things happen:
Chromatin coils and become visible chromosomes. The nuclear membrane breaks down and disappears The spindle fibers & centrioles forms

7 Mitosis: Prophase Look for chromosomes in the center

8 Mitosis: Metaphase Chromosomes line up on the “equator” (in the middle of the cell) Chromatids attach to the spindle fibers at the centromere

9 Mitosis: Metaphase Look for chromosomes lined up on the “equator”

10 Mitosis: Anaphase Chromosomes pull apart in opposite directions towards the “poles” This phase ends when the chromosomes reach the poles.

11 Mitosis: Anaphase Look for chromosomes in two groups pulling apart

12 Mitosis: Telophase The fourth and final phase of mitosis
The opposite of Prophase Chromosomes unwind to form chromatin Two new nuclei form with new membranes The spindle disappears

13 Mitosis: Telophase Look for two groups of chromosomes with a cell plate or cleavage furrow

14 Cytokinesis The division of the cytoplasm
Animal cells pinch inward forming a cleavage furrow. Plant cells divide from the inside towards the outside by forming a cell plate which becomes the cell wall.

15 Cytokinesis Animals: Cleavage furrow Cell plate cell wall


17 Animals Plants Differences in plant and animal cells: centrioles
summary Animals Plants centrioles no centrioles cleavage furrow cell plate cell wall

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