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Chapter 11 review Ms. Parekh.

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1 Chapter 11 review Ms. Parekh

2 What is the cell cycle? A cycle of growth, development, and division What are the two main phases of the cell cycle? Interphase and mitotic phase

3 What are the three stages of Interphase?
G1 – preparation for cell division S – DNA replication G2 – Rapid growth and replication of organelles

4 What are sister chromatids?
Pairs of identical chromosomes that are formed during the S stage when the cell’s DNA is copied What are centromeres? The structure that holds sister chromatids together

5 What occurs during mitosis?
During mitosis, the contents of the nucleus divide, forming two identical nuclei.

6 What are the four steps of mitosis?
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

7 What happens during prophase?
Chromosomes form Nucleolus and nuclear membrane disappear Spindle fibers form

8 What happens during metaphase?
Chromosomes line up single file in the middle of the cell.

9 What happens during anaphase?
Sister chromatids separate Chromatids go towards opposite sides of the cell Cells begins to lengthen

10 What happens during telophase?
Nuclear membrane forms around chromatin Chromosomes unwind Spindle fibers break down Two identical nuclei form

11 What occurs during cytokinesis?
The cytoplasm divides and forms two new daughter cells.

12 What are the four results of cell division?
Reproduction Growth Replacement Repair


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