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2 Define analogy: "A comparison between two things which are similar in some respects, but otherwise are different. An explaining of something by comparing it point by point with something else." -- Webster's

3 Draw a plant or animal cell in pencil on 6" X 8" white paper
Draw a plant or animal cell in pencil on 6" X 8" white paper. Include 10 of the following structures: 1. cell or plasma membrane 11. cell wall 2. cytoplasm chloroplast 3. chromatin centriole 4. nucleus cytoskeleton 5. nucleolus cilia 6. mitochondrion flagellum 7. Golgi apparatus lysosome 8. ribosome vacuole 9. endoplasmic reticulum 10. nuclear envelope

4 Correctly identify your cell as a plant cell or an animal cell.
Find out the function (or main job) each structure has in the cell. (Read your book, check the glossary, color sheets, and class notes.)

5 Paste your cell drawing in the middle of a poster-size piece of construction paper.
Paste the pictures of everyday objects at the edges of the construction paper. Label and number the pictures with your neatly written analogies and make a pointer to the correct structure in your cell drawing.

6 Directions: Choose whether your collage will be about an animal cell or a plant cell. Draw either an animal cell or a plant cell in the middle of your poster. Be sure to leave room around the sides, top, and bottom of your poster for other work.

7 Title your collage Animal Cell Collage or Plant Cell Collage.
Choose 10 organelles that you have drawn in your cell. Write an analogy for each organelle. You can use the example below to help you write your analogies:

8 A (organelle) is like a (object). A (organelle) (does what)
A (organelle) is like a (object). A (organelle) (does what). A (object) (does what). Example: A nucleus is like a principal. A nucleus directs the activities of all the other organelles. A principal directs the activities of all the teachers and students.

9 Around your cell, write your 10 analogies and draw or paste a copy of a picture of the object you mention in each analogy. These must be numbered! Draw an arrow from the correct organelle to your analogy. Each organelle over 10 for which you give an analogy will be 2 bonus points.

10 52 max points Plus extra credit!!!
Criteria Not done (0 points) Partially done (1 point) Well done (2 points) Neat and organized 2 Creative and colorful Title stating Plant Cell Collage or Animal Cell Collage. Your name is written in the bottom right front corner of the poster. Drawing of a plant or animal cell with at least 10 organelles. Numbers and Arrows from organelles to analogies. 10 analogy pictures. ( Pts are per picture) 20 10 correct analogies. ( Pts are per analogy) Extra credit organelles Plus extra credit!!!


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