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Adelinas Whales Text and Photos by Richard SobolRichard Sobol Compiled by: Terry Sams PESTerry Sams.

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2 Adelinas Whales Text and Photos by Richard SobolRichard Sobol Compiled by: Terry Sams PESTerry Sams

3 Study Skills Genre: Photo Essay Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion Comprehension Strategy: Graphic Organizers Comprehension Review Skill: Generalize Vocabulary: Homonyms

4 Summary Adelina Mayoral lives in La Laguna, Mexico. Each January, the gray whales arrive in the lagoon near La Laguna and stay for three months before migrating farther north for the summer. Whale-watchers, scientists, and photographers visit La Laguna from all over the world to observe and interact with the whales.

5 GenreGenre: Photo Essay Photo essays use words and pictures to tell about someone or something. As you read, notice how the words and images work together to tell about Adelina and her whales.

6 Comprehension Skill Review – Fact and Opinion TE 313a A fact is a statement that can be proved true or false by doing research.

7 Comprehension Skill Review – Fact and Opinion TE 313a Fact and Opinion Statements of opinion tell about a persons beliefs, feelings, or way of thinking that cannot be proved. It often contains a word of judgment, such as best, should, or beautiful. It may begin with the words in my opinion or I believe.

8 Comprehension Strategy – Graphic Organizers TE 292 Good readers organize their thoughts as they read. Jotting down lists or making charts can help you separate statements of fact or opinion. Using a graphic organizer can help you to understand what you read.

9 Comprehension Skill Review: Generalizing TE 301 Sometimes as you read, you are given ideas about several things or people. When you make a statement about all of them together, you are making a generalization. These are some of the clue words that help locate generalizations: all, none, many, most, always, usually, few, general. A valid generalization is accurate. A faulty generalization is not accurate.

10 Practice Generalization PB What is an example of a generalization? Many birds migrate, or move from one place to another. 2. How do you know this is a generalization? The word many gives a clue that not all birds migrate. 3. What is another generalization? Some birds will fly the same path each year. 4. How do you know this is a generalization? The word some gives a clue.

11 Authors Viewpoint The authors viewpoint is the way an author looks at his or her subject. Look at statements of opinion an author expresses and the statements of fact the author includes. Try to figure out the authors viewpoint even when it is not stated.

12 Research/Study Skills – Readers Guide TE 313l PB The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature lists articles and other writing published in magazines and journals. This reference is published in a series of volumes organized by date. Researchers can search for articles by subject or by author name. Each entry shows the article name, authors, titles and date of the source it is in, and the pages on which the article appears.

13 Fun Stuff and Practice McGraw Hill Activities 4 th Grade Activities 4 th Grade Activities Video Cause and Effect On-Line PowerPoint Compare and Contrast Compare Contrast PowerPoint Meet the Author Verbs and more Verbs Verbs Verbs and Linking Verbs on LineLinking Verbs

14 Weekly Fluency Check - Tone of Voice TE 313a You need to change the tone of your voice as you read dialogue to reflect characters emotions and make the reading lively. Read p. 292m for students to dramatize characters voices.

15 Question of the Week TE 292m What patterns in nature guide the lives of animals?

16 Day 2 - Question of the Day What is the migration pattern of the gray whales Adelina sees?

17 What mysteries of the whales might Adelina try to unlock some day? Day 3 – Question of the Day

18 Day 4 - Question of the Day - Review What questions might a scientist ask about migration?

19 Review Questions 1.Give an example of how you know Adelina has a good understanding of nature. 2.Why do you think the author wrote this selection? 3.Who did the author say was the first person to have a visit from the whales? 4.Why do the mother whales come to the lagoon?

20 Review Questions 1. How do you know the whales are important to Adelina? 2.How were the people in La Laguna like the people who visited the village? 3.What did Adelina mean when she said, Laguna is the place where two worlds join together?

21 Vocabulary - Say It bluff lagoon tropical massive biologist rumbling

22 More Words to Know altitude ascent swans zone encounter exhaling

23 biologist scientist who studies living things, including their origins, structures, activities, and distribution

24 lagoon a pond or small lake, especially one connected with a larger body of water

25 bluff a high, steep slope or cliff

26 tropical of or like the regions degrees north or south of the equator where the sun can shine directly overhead

27 massive big and heavy; bulky

28 rumbling making a deep, heavy, continuous sound

29 exhaling breathing out

30 encounter an unexpected meeting

31 zone any of the five great regions of Earths surface, bounded by imaginary lines going around Earth parallel to the equator

32 altitude high above sea level

33 swans large water birds with long, slender, curving necks

34 ascent act of going up; upward movement

35 Adelina was awakened by a loud, low, rumbling noise.


37 A gray whale was exhaling a blast of hot air as large as a room.


39 The mother whales come to the lagoon to have their babies.


41 The whales lift their massive heads out of the water.


43 Adelinas grandfather was tanned from the bright tropical sun.


45 Her grandfather told many stories about his first encounter with the whales.


47 Adelina might become a biologist who studies the ocean when she grows up.


49 Her home is a simple shack on a sandy bluff hugging the edge of the Pacific Ocean.


51 The swan is a type of bird that migrates to a milder climate at summers end.


53 The swan gains altitude as he makes his ascent into the air.


55 Their wings carry them swiftly and surely from zone to zone.


57 Writing Assignment - Write a Friendly Letter TE 313h Write a letter to a friend about where you live. Make a realistic, clear picture in words by using specific details. Use exact nouns when describing details. Be sure to use commas where needed in a letter.

58 Spelling Words Homophones their there wait weight passed past allowed aloud throne thrown

59 Spelling Words Homophones beet beat bye by threw through break brake peace piece

60 CHALLENGE stationery stationary cymbal symbol principle principal

61 This Weeks Word Wall Words Click and type your own words for this week:

62 Lets review our Spelling words. Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment. We can clap as we spell the word, or we might just practice reading the words.

63 piece

64 peace

65 brake

66 break

67 threw

68 through

69 by

70 bye

71 beet

72 beat

73 throne

74 thrown

75 allowed

76 aloud

77 passed

78 past

79 wait

80 weight

81 there

82 their

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