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Day 2 Summer Leader Development Institute (LDI)

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1 Day 2 Summer Leader Development Institute (LDI)
Dr. Robin Largue Dr. Janet Pilcher

2 How? Accountability Transparency (Communication) Training Tools

3 Accountability Measures
Pillar Area Tool Quality Student Achievement FCAT People Employee Satisfaction with Work Environment Survey Service Parent Satisfaction with Schools Satisfaction by School Leaders w/ District services Support Card Finance Effectiveness and efficiencies Cost/Revenue

4 Employee Satisfaction Measure - Survey
Who completes? All employees except the Superintendent Employees complete the survey responding about the department or school in which their direct supervisor resides When is it completed? Baseline – September 2010 Every December and April How is it analyzed? Top Box Loyalty By district and by each school/department How are results shared? Roll out of data to teachers District report

5 Employee Satisfaction Questions
I have the materials and supplies to do my job. My principal/supervisor has provided feedback on my strengths as an employee. Principal/supervisor led staff meetings make efficient use of time and are productive. My principal/supervisor recognizes good performance. My principal/supervisor demonstrates a genuine concern for my welfare.

6 (cont.) My principal/supervisor makes the best use of available funds.
My principal/supervisor consults me on the decisions that affect my job. The expectations for judging my performance are clear. My principal/supervisor provides the support needed to accomplish my work objectives. My principal/supervisor has provided feedback concerning areas for improving my performance.

7 (cont.) The superintendent is committed to the professional development of school employees. The superintendent manages district finances effectively. The superintendent implements Board policies and procedures. The superintendent uses a variety of methods to promote effective communication throughout the district.

8 (cont.) The superintendent makes informed decisions based on the best interest of the district. The superintendent is clear and effective regarding his role in communicating the vision and mission of the district. The superintendent has integrity and is honest.

9 Parent Satisfaction Measure - Survey
Who completes – all parents who have children in schools in Santa Rosa County When is it administered? Baseline – September 2010 Every March/April How is it analyzed? Top Box Loyalty For the district and for each school How is it communicated? Roll out of data to teachers District Report Through a newsletter to parents by school leaders

10 Parent Satisfaction Survey Questions
My child’s learning is a high priority at this school. School rules/discipline plans are enforced consistently at this school. I regularly receive feedback from school staff on how well my child is learning. My family is treated with respect at this school. My child has every opportunity to be successful at this school.

11 (cont.) My child has the necessary classroom supplies and equipment for effective learning. I would recommend this school to other parents. This school provides a safe environment for my child to learn. My child is recognized for good work and behavior at this school. The school is clean and well maintained.

12 (cont.) 11. The teachers, staff, and administration at this school demonstrate a genuine concern for my child. 12. I am proud to say I have a student at this school. 13. I receive positive phone calls or notes about my child from the school. 14. The principal at this school is approachable and reachable.

13 (cont.) 15. The principal at this school is an effective leader. 16. The Superintendent of the Santa Rosa School District is an effective leader. 17. The Superintendent of the Santa Rosa School District makes decisions that are in the best interest of children and parents of the district.

14 Roll Out of Survey Data Roll Out of Survey Results
Remember: Employees respond to questions thinking about their immediate supervisor (person who does their evaluation) Supervisors roll out to department employees Principals roll out to school employees Training for this roll out process will occur on September 9 (one group) and September 28 (second group)

15 Satisfaction of School Leaders with District Support Services
Who completes? School leaders (principals and assistant principals) When is it administered? Each month How is it analyzed? Top Box Loyalty By department How is it communicated? Report sent (by superintendent’s office data person) each month to district and school leaders

16 Support Card Sample Accessibility Accuracy Attitude Operations
Timeliness Ronald J. Doncaster - Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Director, Operations Management Services; Director, PHC PI

17 Definitions of Scale for Support Card
Accessibility – Can we reach a live person or use an electronic tool to reach someone? Accuracy – Did we receive the right product/service or was a variation communicated? Attitude – Was it a nice experience? Did you receive a service with a smile? Operations – Do day to day operations run efficiently and effectively? Timeliness – Was the response or solution delivered when promised?

18 Applying Support Card Steps for District Leaders of Departments to Inform Staff Expectations Meeting Meetings to Discuss Results Use this to find out how to get better

19 Transparency

20 Communicate without We/They
Teach leaders not to answer tough questions by throwing another person/leader under the bus The best way to answer tough questions is to be transparent and factual. If difficult, teach leaders to tell employees they need to research it and get back with them. Tough questions need to be answered consistently by leaders.

21 Transparency – Communication
Explain why a certain decision was made Connect back to purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference Values Skill Recognition Consequences Money Align to goals and measures (helps with cascading and connecting communication in an organization)

22 Transparency - Communication
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) How Employee Forums – Town Hall Meetings Monthly Briefs Meetings What to include: Statement about current external environment issues Results on goals Recognition for specific performances Manage Up from rounding and manage what you do up – provide information that I listened and acted © 2010 Studer Group

23 Transparency – Communication Tools
Superintendent’s communication with district employees and community Town Hall Meetings Web casts Monthly Briefs to his direct reports Leaders’ communication with direct reports Monthly Brief (see handout)

24 Practice Using what you know up to this point, individually begin writing a paragraph that explains to staff what this journey is all about. Share your paragraphs with your group members. Debrief with whole group.

25 Transparency - Communication
Effective Meetings – (will provide training in future LDIs) Alignment of meeting agendas to pillar goals Need for a linkage grid after each meeting (so that everyone knows what their assignments are and why before coming to the next meeting)

26 Practice On or after August 16th what will you include on an agenda at your first meeting? How does what you include align to the district pillar goals? How would you explain that what you are covering helps the district achieve its goals?

27 Training Leadership Development Institutes (LDI)
When – Summer 2010; 2 in fall; 1 in spring Why – to train on how to implement tactics and tools to help leaders achieve goals

28 Tools

29 Tools for Today People - Employee Satisfaction Service Quality
Leader Rounding Service Parent Satisfaction 3 to 5 positive phone calls home to parents a week Monthly newsletter to parents  Quality Student Achievement Focusing on student engagement

30 Tools – Employee Satisfaction
TEACHER PREFERENCE CARD Teacher Name: What are the three most important things to you when you are teaching? What is one item you would like to have improved? (Adapted from Studer Group, 2001) Wh

31 Wow!!!! Card Name: Date: Today you WOWED me when you Thank You!
Submitted by: (Adapted from Studer Group, 2001)

32 Why do we do leader rounding?
Process Improvement – execution and consistency Reward and Recognition 92% of people respond to reward and recognition What gets rewarded gets repeated Communicate things that are right Be specific Senior leaders write notes; direct supervisors say it personally

33 Leader Rounding 87 percentile – employee rounded on monthly
79 percentile – employee rounded on quarterly 55 percentile – every six months (twice a year) 50 percentile – never rounded on

34 Rounding for Outcomes - Employees
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Align Questions to fit Desired Outcomes of the Organization Concern and Care What is Working Well People to Recognize Systems to Improve Tools and Equipment Follow-up © Studer Group® 34 34 34

35 Different Purpose than a Classroom Walkthrough
Purpose of Rounding – to build relationships and improve processes Purpose of Classroom Walkthroughs – to get a pulse check on instructional practices of teachers Page 32 in book

36 3 to 1 3 compliments 1 criticism Positive! 2 to 1 2 compliments
Neutral 1 to 1 1 compliment 1 criticism Negative Source: Tom Connellan, “Inside the Magic Kingdom”, pgs 91-95

37 Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master)
Verification: Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Employee Rounding Log What is working well? Staff / physician to recognize? Any systems needing improvement? Do you have the tools and equipment to do the job? Anything else I can do for you right now? © Studer Group®

38 Senior Leader Scouting Report
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Accomplishments New equipment Staff to recognize Current Expense Management Results Tough Questions External Environment Employee Satisfaction Parent Satisfaction Student Achievement © Studer Group®

39 Sample Rounding Stoplight Report
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) © Studer Group®

40 Steps for Validating Rounding Occurs
Validate on leaders who are your direct reports Meet with each leader monthly to review Rounding Logs Stop Light Reports And document ways leaders have recognized good performance and behavior of employees

41 Role Play Rounding

42 Practice Get a partner and round on your partner by asking
What’s working well for you in the district? Do you have the resources, tools, equipment you need to do your job? Probe for specifics. What could we do to help you do your job better? Any barriers that are getting in your way? Is there anyone in particular that has been helpful to you in the district? Then, change roles In your groups, use the rounding information to create a Stop Light Report

43 Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master)
Leader Rounding Tips Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Focus on high performing areas. What gets recognized, gets repeated. Put rounding in your daily/weekly plan. Create a plan for rounding. If your validating your leaders’ rounding create a plan for how that will occur. Share wins with the organization. Follow-up on issues identified. © Studer Group®

44 Reward Desired Performance
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Thank You Notes Objective Evaluation System Must Haves® Leader Development Performance Gap Standardization Accelerators Aligned Goals Aligned Behavior Aligned Process © Studer Group®

45 Top 5 Workplace Incentives
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Written Thanks From Manager/Executive Team Leader Personal Thanks From Manager Promotion for Performance Public Praise Morale-Building Meetings Study conducted by Dr. Gerald Graham, Management Professor at Wichita State University Motivating Today’s Employees, Bob Nelson Talent+, 1998 © Studer Group®

46 Recognize and Reward Behavior
Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) Reinforces positive behavior Creates role models for other staff Shows staff how they can make a difference Creates improved results across organization © Studer Group®

47 Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master)
Reality Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master) People like specific feedback Complimented and recognized behavior will be repeated There is more to a job than pay! It is okay to be uncomfortable as you begin to compliment © Studer Group®

48 What Excuses Do People Have for Not Complimenting Employees?
If I give too many compliments staff will get a big head. I never received a compliment, what should others receive one. They should have to tough it out like I did. I don’t have time to for all this complimenting business. I feel silly doing this. They should be thankful they have a job.

49 Practice Think of someone in the district who has been very helpful to you. Take your thank you card and write him or her a note being very specific about the action, performance or behavior you are thanking them for. When you get home, mail it to them.

50 Who Rounds on Who? Superintendent rounds on direct reports. When rounding on departments or in schools get scouting report from department leader or principal. Validate direct reports are rounding effectively Then tell others why you went to particular areas and what you found Manage up your work

51 (cont.) Senior leaders (assistant superintendents) round on managers and directors and validate that managers and directors are rounding on their direct reports. Managers and Directors round on employees. Principals round on teachers and staff.

52 Rounding - Addressing the Visibility Issue
Research shows the key to success is the direct supervisor. They are the ones to be visible to employees more than the need for senior leaders. Are senior leaders Park Rangers?

53 Practice In your group, ask each person to determine who they would round on and if applicable, who they are responsible for validating that rounding is occurring. Debrief with whole group.

54 Tools – Communication With Parents (Chapter 5)
Make 3 to 5 positive phone calls home to parents each week. Create a monthly newsletter sent to parents What‘s been going on this month Achievements of students Recognition of teachers

55 Tools – Student Achievement – Future Resource
More on Student Achievement and Student Engagement Who’s Engaged: Climb the Learning Ladder to See August 2010

56 Tools – Quality – Student Achievement
Student Engagement Framework

57 Teacher Reflection Handout

58 What Effective Teaching Looks Like?
Marzano Study Black and Wiliam Study

59 Learning Ladder

60 Effective Teacher GPA Handout

61 Non Example and Example of Effective Instruction

62 Critical Learning Point
Unconsciously Unskilled Consciously Unskilled Critical Learning Point Consciously Skilled Unconsciously Skilled

63 Coaching Probe Tool Probes Notes
Do you see the learning targets written on the board? Describe. Do you see evidence of instruction aligned to the learning targets? Describe. Do you see students receiving feedback in class on the learning targets? Describe Do students look like they are taking control of their learning? Describe. Do students seem to understand the classroom procedures? Describe.

64 Time Exercise Handout

65 Connecting Back to Purpose
What Are We Doing? Creating a great place for teachers to teach and staff to work so that students learn at their highest levels and parents are satisfied with their child’s education Quality – Student Achievement People – Employee Satisfaction Service – Parent Satisfaction and Principals’ Satisfaction with District Services

66 Expectations Robin lead coach to help all leaders with three goals
employee satisfaction parent satisfaction satisfaction of school leaders with district support services

67 Expectations When We Leave What Will the District Leadership Team Be Expected to Do Complete Leader Evaluation Goals and Measures (by Sept 15) Roll Out Baseline Survey Employee Satisfaction Results to Staff (First week in October with surveys given in Sept) Administer monthly support card to school leaders, analyze results and communicate in a Monthly Brief (last week in Sept) Complete leader rounding process each month (ask questions, record information, complete Stoplight Report, reward and recognize people) Begin rounding in September Begin validation in October

68 Expectations When We Leave What Will School Leaders Be Expected to Do
Roll out baseline survey employee satisfaction results (first week in October) Roll out baseline survey parent satisfaction results (first week in October) Complete leader rounding process (begin in September) Send Monthly Brief to staff (complete first one at end of first week of school to introduce this communication tool – see example) Encouraged to do: Monthly newsletter to parents 3 to 5 positive phone calls home a week by leader trying to get teachers to do this in each class

69 Meeting Title Here (on Notes Master)
“Working together we can all help students learn that they have purpose, can do worthwhile work and make a difference in the lives of others and the world we live in.” © Studer Group

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