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Module 2: Instructional Personnel

2 Instructional Personnel ACE Requirements
Obtain 411 Career Orientation endorsement Subscribe to CEP Listserv Register on Teacher Information System annually Attend New Teacher In-service Attend Career Guidance Conference regularly Teach frameworks Maintain equipment Prepare for Technical Assistance Visits

3 Career Orientation Endorsement Policies
Endorsement - completion of the following courses or the mentorship training program is required for Career Orientation endorsement and must be completed prior to teaching Career Orientation a second year: a. Three semester hours of "Methods of Teaching Career Orientation". b. Three semester hours of "Hands-on Activities for Career Orientation".  OR Complete an equivalent mentorship training program designed and approved by ACE under an approved model trainer. Attend the Career Guidance New Teacher Endorsement Workshop provided by ACE. July 10th or Sept 11th. Point out that the 6 hours, in many cases, increases the marketability of the teacher. It also helps teachers increase student motivation by stressing the relevancy of the academic skills that students are learning. Citations will be issued to schools not having an endorsed instructor.

4 Licensure Codes 411 Career Orientation (C/O) for grades 7-8
410 Career Academy (Keystone) 412 Career Preparation (Internship, Workplace Readiness, & EAST/Workforce Technology)

5 Computer Tech Intro Based C/O
Instructor must hold a: Business License 224 or 225 and Career Orientation 411 Class must be taught in a computer lab to meet Business requirements

Application sent to ACE for Career Orientation endorsement. Application must include: Teacher name, SS#, & contact information School information Demographic information Application Type Adding Additional Licensure Licensure Code 410, 411, 412 Grade Levels Original transcript with endorsement classes

Mail the application to the Dept of Career Education Office of Career Guidance, Exploration & Preparation (if you received endorsement training for C/O with coursework a transcript must be sent) After review, approval will be forwarded to ADE to be added to your license. We will mail a copy of our endorsement letter to you and your school.

8 Teacher Information System
Create New Account by Sept 10 each year Generic Login Name: CTE Generic Password: Teacher Create Account with personal information CTE class schedule with course codes for each semester

9 Subscribe to the CEP Listserv
Click on CEP Listserv Complete: Name, address & Password Click “SUBSCRIBE” Confirm subscription by re-”SEND”ing

10 Professional Development Requirements
Attend New Teacher Inservice July 10 at 1:00, Austin Hotel, Hot Springs Sept 12-13, Mt Magazine State Lodge Subject Specific PD (20 hours over 4-years) Minimum 60 hours per year documented Two hours of parental involvement 6 hours of technology Perkins fundable above the required 60

11 Policy Program Requirements
Follow all policies and procedures, Meet or show improvement in documented performance indicators, Remove all critical elements identified in technical assistance visits, Submit program approval information through the ADWE Teacher Information System Follow all required program guidelines.

12 CGEP Expectations Join the Arkansas Career Guidance Association (ACGA)
Attend the Career Guidance Conference and New Teacher Inservice Communication via ARCOTA website and CEP Listserv Submit student contest entries annually Prepare for Technical Assistance Visits

13 School Requirements Each career focus program of study shall consist of foundation courses in grades 7 or 8: Career Orientation, Computer Technology Intro or alternate Computer Business Applications and Keyboarding. A minimum of three (3) Carnegie units in grades 9-12, a career focus is required for a program of study in career and technical education. Approved programs must offer a complete program of study on a two year rotational basis. Core courses must be offered annually.

14 Career Planning Upon completion of the eighth grade, each student shall have a four-year plan, which includes courses to be taken on file. The career plan is then revisited each year for any necessary adjustments. It is recommended that career plans include a minimum of two (2) years of post secondary education.

15 Classes Class periods shall conform to the minimum class hours established by the Standards for Accreditation of Public Schools and North Central Association (NCA). –60 seat hours per semester Class size shall conform to the Standards for Accreditation of Public Schools; however, enrollments may vary and will depend on the availability of equipment, tools, furniture, and instructional materials that support the program. “In grades seven through twelve, a teacher shall not be assigned more than onehundred fifty (150) students; an individual academic class shall not exceed thirty(30) students, provided that, in exceptional cases or for courses that lend themselves to large group instruction, these ratios may be increased.”

16 Prepare for Technical Assistance
Program Description Program of Study Perkins Funding Integration Curriculum & Assessment Professional Development Program Operation

17 Program Description Describe any changes recently implemented in the program. Describe any anticipated or planned program changes. In what respects is this program most satisfactory and commendable? In what respects is this program most in need of improvement? What steps are recommended for the correction of program weaknesses? Describe public relations activities and include samples. Provide copies of the Teacher Information System (TIS) report

18 Program of Study Provide a class roster (current year only).
If substitution course is used in place of a foundation course, include copy of letter requesting permission and response letter from DWE.

19 Perkins Funding Describe how Perkins funds have been utilized in the program. Give examples of in-service, supplies and materials, activities, and the indicator addressed. List of Perkins approvable activities including: Professional develop Equipment purchased for past five years labeled Software, materials, activities, motivational speakers

20 Integration Describe integration activities carried out in the program. Provide examples (paper or electronic) of student work on integration projects (current year only). Include sample lesson plans documenting academic competencies (current year only).

21 Curriculum and Assessment
Describe how Arkansas frameworks are followed in all classroom instruction. Provide sample lesson plans documenting the use of frameworks (current year only). Provide sample lesson plans documenting the use of technology in the classroom (current year only). Provide copies of competency testing records.

22 Professional Development
Include list of in-service attendance noting subject area related in-service. List professional memberships held by the instructor. Describe instructor’s activity in professional organizations.

23 Program Evaluation Self evaluate your program annually to improve instruction, facilities and equipment, professional development, resources, activities, integration, community involvement, student engagement, and sharing activities and information with teachers around the state through CEP, conferences and workshops.

24 Conclusion of Instructional Personnel
Obtain 411 Career Orientation endorsement Subscribe to CEP Listserv Register on Teacher Information System annually Attend New Teacher In-service Attend Career Guidance Conference regularly Teach frameworks Maintain equipment Prepare for Technical Assistance Visits


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