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New Teacher Technology Orientation August 6, 2007.

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1 New Teacher Technology Orientation August 6, 2007

2 Typical Classroom Configuration Almost Every Classroom Has a Teacher Presentation Station –PC –32 Inch TV –VCR Some Classrooms Have –Projector –100 screen –Document Camera –DVD/VCR Some Classrooms Have More than 1 PC

3 Software Windows XP Microsoft Office Professional 2003 or XP (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access) An Integrated Learning System called SuccessMaker Accelerated Reader A Keyboarding program called UltraKeys Technology Applications software called EasyTech

4 Network Connectivity All GISD sites are connected via a wide area network (WAN). Each computer on campus is connected to the WAN and a local area network (LAN).

5 Connectivity Provides Access Access to the Internet Access to Networked Software Access to Networked Printers Access to Email

6 District Provided Textbook Software Educaide Access Coordinator Approved Third Party Software High Volume Network Printers ACCESS

7 Frequently Asked Questions

8 How Do I Get Access to the Network? Your CTA will assign you a GISD Login and Login will provide access to all network applications, Internet, printing, and email

9 Will I Have an Email Account? All employees receive an email account Email can be accessed from any computer in the district as well as from home via the Internet –

10 Are Computers in My Building and District Connected? All computers in the district are connected via a LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network) Currently, GISD does not have the capability of providing outside access to your home directory

11 Can I Have My Own Printer? Sorry……………………… There are 2 reasons for this… 1. GISD Insurance doesnt make this provision 2. All PCs in GISD are configured with an image…a driver for your printer would not be in the image

12 Can I Bring a Computer From Home? Again…Sorry For the very same reasons as with the printer………even if you dont put the PC on the network

13 How Am I Going to Learn About All This? Your campus has a Campus Technology Assistant who is very knowledgeable Each campus has Master Trainers who have been through training and can offer assistance

14 How Am I Going to Learn About All This? You can attend training at the Tech Center for the SuccessMaker curriculum Training will be offered through the GISD Technology Center on applications such as GroupWise, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

15 Do I Get Credit For Training? *** YES **** GISD has an Intranet Sign up for classes on the Intranet Automatically keeps record of your attendance

16 How Should I Use the Technology in My Instructional Environment? Use the SuccessMaker Curriculum Use the Internet to bring real time learning to the classroom Use PowerPoint presentations Use to teach the Technology TEKS Use your creativity

17 Can Students Use the Computers? The computer in your classroom is a jointly owned computer…teachers and students Every building has a computer lab providing hands on access for every student

18 Is the Internet Safe for Students to Use? GISD uses a filter to find and eliminate inappropriate web sites No filter is perfect There is nothing that can compare to the teacher –Check sites prior to use

19 Does the District Have a Grade book? Yes, all GISD campuses use the same grade book. There are Master Trainers at your building that will provide you with training.

20 SuccessMakerSuccessMaker

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