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Note Taking Crisfield, Maryland & Chesapeake Bay.

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1 Note Taking Crisfield, Maryland & Chesapeake Bay

2 Developed by: Jarrett Library Media Center

3 Hook

4 Pre-test What are some skills you should use when taking notes?

5 Standards 4: Writing –I can use the writing process and conventions of language and research to construct meaning and communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences using a range of forms Benchmarks LA.6.4.5 –Incorporate information from references by quoting, paraphrasing, and/or summarizing GLOs - I can produce quality work

6 Standard 2: The student who is information literate evaluates information critically and competently. –2.4 Selects information appropriate to the problem or question at hand Information Literacy Standards

7 MAPS Materials: – Computer with internet access –worksheet Attitude: like to do on-hands work Placement: seated at a computer S

8 Essential Question How do I take notes without copying word for word?

9 Learning Goal 6th grade students will: –Find factual information from pre-selected websites –By skimming passages –And take notes in short 2 - 3 word phrases

10 Skills assessed I can: –Take notes using only two - three key words –And express these ideas using my own words

11 Vocabulary Key words Main idea

12 Instructions You are to: 1) view the Chesapeak / Crisfield power point 2) write yous answer in short phrase form using only 2 - 3 words

13 Model Lets work together

14 Assessment MeetsApproachingNot met My answers were my own words 1/2 of the answers were in my own words I copied directly from the source I can answer all questions correctly I can answer 70% of the questions correctly I could only answer 0 - 50% of the questions correctly

15 Reflection What I liked about this lesson is… I would improve my work for this lesson by….

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