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Library Media Lesson F. Yokoyama

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1 Library Media Lesson F. Yokoyama
Key Word Searches Library Media Lesson F. Yokoyama

2 Know - Learned Chart What I know (Pre) What I learned (Post)

3 General Learner Outcome
Self Directed Learner - I am responsible for my own learning Community Contributor – I can work with others and contribute to a group Complex Thinker - I can think critically and problem solve. Quality Producer - I can produce quality products Effective Communicator - I can communicate effectively Effective and Ethical User of Technology - I can use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically

4 Standards

5 Information Literacy Standards


7 Hook

8 Essential Question

9 Learning Goal Who Will do How Skill is demonstrated

10 Performing Skills I can demonstrate my understanding of the learning goal by: (describe task) Level of performance Does the learning goal demonstrate understanding

11 Vocabulary Key Word:

12 Lesson Instructions

13 Assessment

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