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Key Word Searches Library Media Lesson Jarrett Middle School.

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1 Key Word Searches Library Media Lesson Jarrett Middle School

2 Know - Learned Chart What I know (Pre) Give 5 examples of keywords you would use in todays search. What I learned (Post) Completed lesson

3 General Learner Outcome Self Directed Learner - I am responsible for my own learning Complex Thinker - I can think critically and problem solve. Effective and Ethical User of Technology - I can use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically

4 Standards Reading: Use knowledge to construct meaning form informational texts for a variety of purposes. –Benchmark LA.6.1.2 Use grade- appropriate online and print sources to research a topic

5 Information Literacy Standards Standard 1: The student who is information literate accesses information efficiently and effectively. –Benchmark 1.4 Identifies a variety of potential sources of information

6 MAPS Materials –Internet access –MS word worksheet Attitude – ready to work & learn Place – seated at a computer S

7 Hook If you typed in ___, what sites did you find?

8 Essential Question How can I find information efficiently and effectively?

9 Learning Goal 6 th – 8 th grade students will create and use a list of 7 key words that brings up relevant information regarding their topic.

10 Performing Skills I can: –Brainstorm a list of keywords –Match my key words to the sites found – Rank the relevancy and usefulness of sites that my key words pulled up –Narrow down my list to my top 5 keywords I would recommend and use again.

11 Vocabulary Key Word Relevancy

12 Instruction 1 of 5 Brainstorm write down at least 7 key words that you think would pull up information on your topic

13 Instruction 2 of 5 Test each keyword Copy the site title (or url) and rank the relevancy of information found on the site –Very useful –Just o.k. –junk

14 Instruction 3 of 5 Copy the notes that you would use Or Give a one sentence as to why the site was not useful nor relevant to your search

15 Instruction 4 of 5 List your top 5 key words under Keyword Recommendation

16 Instruction 5 of 5 Complete your assessment and reflections

17 Work Samples and Modeling

18 MeetsApproachingNot met I was able to complete 100% of my work I was able to complete 70% of my work because… I could only complete 50% of my work because….

19 Reflection What I liked about this lesson is… I would improve my work for this lesson by… 1) 2) 3)

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