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© IGD 2011 For subscribers who usually log in via a company intranet link.

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1 © IGD 2011 For subscribers who usually log in via a company intranet link

2 © IGD 2011 Open Retail Analysis via your intranet link You can now browse the full website as normal without doing anything further. However, if you’d like to personalise your Retail Analysis experience – without affecting what anyone else sees – you can. Click on My Profile in the welcome message to begin. This will log you in under your company’s generic user name, e.g. IGD

3 © IGD 2011 Next step, register as a user When you click on My Profile, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. If we don’t have your details on our user database, we’ll ask you for a few pieces of information so that we can register you. This is the important bit that will let you personalise your experience! Our customer service team will contact you once you are registered (usually within 24 hours). If we already have your details, we’ll recognise you. You’ll know this because you’ll see your name at the top of the page.

4 © IGD 2011 Step 1: Your homepage On the My Profile page, you can choose which regions you are interested in. You can also select specific retailers and markets. Your choices will determine the news and updates you see on your homepage. Remember to click the ‘Save and Finish’ button! The benefit? Your homepage will highlight the insight most relevant to you.

5 © IGD 2011 Step 2: News and update alerts Click on the ‘News & Update Alerts’ tab. Here you can choose to receive a daily email alert that tells you about new articles and/or content updates for the regions, retailers and markets that interest you. By default, daily alerts are turned off, so be sure to complete this step to activate them. You can stop them again any time. Click ‘Save and Finish’ when done. The benefit? You’ll be one of the first to know when new insights are available on retailers and markets important to your business.

6 © IGD 2011 Logging in after you have registered After you have registered and set your preferences in My Profile, a cookie on your computer will recognise you whenever you log in using your company’s intranet link. If you see your name at the top of the screen, you’ll know it’s working. If you only see your company name, simply click on the Login link in the welcome message and follow the on screen prompts to get to your personalised Retail Analysis.

7 © IGD 2011 Would you like further help? We regularly run free online training sessions on how to use the website. To arrange one for your business, or if you simply have a question about your subscription, please contact us. Email: Telephone: +44 (0) 1923 851956 Visit:

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