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Origins of American Government

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1 Origins of American Government

2 Who were the early settlers of our country and why did they come?
English -they came seeking: -religious freedom -a fresh start -a big cash prize -adventure

3 What basic concepts of government did they bring with them?
Ordered Government Limited Government Representative Government

4 ordered government Colonists saw the need for orderly regulation of their relationships with one another they created local government based from what they had known previously

5 Limited Government government should not be all powerful
each individual has certain rights that the government can not take away

6 Representative Government
government should serve the will of the people the people should have a way to express their wants and wishes

7 What basic documents were these concepts based on?
The Magna Carta The Petition of Right The Bill of Rights

8 The Magna this was an agreement between wealthy land owners and the king the barons were looking for protection from the kings arbitrary rulings the king agreed to give up some of his powers this established the principle of limited government and fundamental rights of English citizens

9 The Petition of Right limited the kings powers
elevated the power of parliament (parliament was a representative of the people) gave further rights to the English people trial by jury no martial law no sheltering of soldiers no taxing with the consent of parliament

10 The Bill of Rights this called for free elections
right to a fair and speedy trial no excessive bail no cruel and unusual punishment

11 What types of governments were established in the colonies?
Royal Colonies Proprietary Colonies Charter Colonies

12 Royal Colony subject to the control of the crown
run by appointed governors

13 Proprietary Colony Owned by wealthy individuals
Governors were appointed by the wealthy

14 Charter Colony The Colony was granted by the King
Governors were elected by the colonist

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