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Vocabulary Limited Government Representative Government Magna Carta

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1 Vocabulary Limited Government Representative Government Magna Carta
Unicameral Due Process English Bill of Rights Charter Bicameral

2 Origins of American Government

3 Concepts of Government
The English colonist brought with them political ideas that had developed over centuries in England. Some ideas – RULE OF LAW- had roots in Asian and African civilizations Some ideas came from the ancient Romans Key political ideas came from landmark English documents

4 Key Political Concepts
Ordered Government Local governments ruled by officers according to law Limited Government Individual citizens have basic rights There are limits on government power Representative Government Government should serve the will of the people.

5 The Magna Carta Signed by King John 1215
Created by English Barons to put limits on the once absolute power of the King Guaranteed certain fundamental rights for the privileged , such as trial by jury and due process of law. Over time these rights were extended to all English people

6 The Petition of Right The Petition of Right was signed by King Charles I in 1628 Banned the king from imprisoning people with first following the laws of the land. Kept the king from declaring military rule in times of peace or making people house soldiers. Required the consent of Parliament for taxation. Charles I

7 English Bill of Rights Created by Parliament in 1689
Prevent future abuses by English monarchs Required consent of Parliament for taxation or suspension of laws Right to a fair trial Right to petition the king to correct injustices

8 The Thirteen Colonies The colonies were established over a period of 125 years. Virginia in 1607 Georgia in 1733 The similarities among the colonies were more than the differences. Each colony was established by a charter granted by the King

9 Three Types of Colonies
Royal Colonies were directly controlled by the King. Proprietary Colonies were run by a proprietor chosen by the King Charter Colonies were run by elected legislatures and were the most independent.

10 Royal Colonies The governor was appointed by the King
The upper house of the colonial legislature was appointed by the King and served as its high court The lower house was elected by colonists who owned enough property to vote. The governor had to approve all laws.

11 Proprietary Colonies The proprietary appointed the Governor.
These colonies were run much like royal colonies. Pennsylvania had an unusually democratic government with a unicameral legislature. William Penn

12 Charter Colonies Governors were elected by property-owing colonists and lacked veto power The elected legislature could pass laws without approval of the King Judges were appointed by the legislatures Virginia and Massachusetts had their charters revoked becoming Royal Colonies

13 What ideas and traditions influenced government in the English colonies?
Customs & Ideas: Ordered government Limited government Representative government Historical documents: Magna Carta Petition of Rights English Bill of Rights

14 Homework Questions Define the concept of representative government.
Explain why the barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. What is a bicameral legistlature? What were the limitations set by the English Bill of Rights?

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