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Origins of the U.S. Government

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1 Origins of the U.S. Government

2 Why it was controlled by England
The majority who came the colonies in the mid-sixteenth century were English. Also there were: French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedes and many other European This cause them the British to be in charge of the 13 colonies

3 British Gov. Since Brits were in power there government was what was instituted here Brits emulated Africa and Asia (read your footnote on page 28) Also, follows Roman rules of the republic Three main ideas: Ordered Government Limited Government Representative Government

4 Ordered Government Organized government
Offices they created still exist: Sheriff Coroner Assessor Justices of the Peace Grand Jury Counties Townships And more

5 Representative Government
Limited Government Government is not all powerful Representative Government Government should serve the will of the people “government of, by, and for the people.”

6 Important English Documents
Magna Carta A group of barons (aristocracy) forced King John to sign in 1215 They were tired of John’s over taxing and military campaigns Wanted protected from arbitrary acts by the king Included: Trial by jury Due process of law Protection against the arbitrary taking of life, liberty, or property The Magna Carta was originally intended to help the privileged class (no-serfs) Over time it became the rights for all English people

7 Magna Carta The Magna Carta was originally intended to help the privileged class (no-serfs) Over time it became the rights for all English people Established that the power of the monarchy was not absolute First passed into law in 1225 In 1297 (originally titled “The Great Charter of the Liberties of England and the Liberties of the Forest) is still in the books of England and Wales

8 Magna Carta continued The first document forced on an English King by a group of his subjects Was influence by the 1100 Charter of Liberties where King Henry I regulated his powers By the 19th century most of its clauses had been repealed, but three clauses still remain as part of England and Wales law Part of political history: lead to constitutional law Was at times respected and ignored by monarchs for 400 years Was reinforced under the Petition of Right

9 Home Work Page 33 Answer the questions (3 total)

10 Petition of Right Petition of Right limited the king’s power
In 1628 when Charles I asked Parliament for more money from taxes they refused until he signed the Petition of Right Stated that he could no longer: imprison people without just cause, enforce martial law in a time of peace, or require homeowners to shelter the kings troops without their consent. Nor could people be forced to be taxed without the consent of parliament

11 English Bill of Rights Sets out the rules for sovereigns, and the rights of Parliament Also rules for freedom of speech in Parliament Was created after years of revolt; Parliament offered the crown to William and Mary of Orange Known as the Glorious Revolution (1688) In 1689 the Bill of Rights was created Also had no standing army in peacetime, except with the consent of Parliament, parliamentary elections were free, changing laws without the consent of Parliament was illegal, taxing without permission = illegal, guarantees a free trial, and freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment

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