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Where and how did our founding fathers get their ideas for our government?

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2 Where and how did our founding fathers get their ideas for our government?

3 Direct Democracy Republic Natural Rights Separation of Powers

4 Ideas for our government came from: Ancient Greece and Rome English Documents Enlightenment Philosophers

5 What do you remember about the government of ancient Greece and Rome?


7 Athenians created the world’s first direct democracy A form of government in which the laws are made directly by the citizens Town meetings held to vote

8 Colonial Legislatures- from Ancient Rome 509 B.C. Roman Republic Government in which representatives are elected to make laws

9 Democracy in Athens and Republic in Rome did not last; monarchs took control Abused Power Government by the people would disappear for hundreds of years

10 What ideas did our founding fathers get from ancient Greece and Rome? How is a direct democracy different from a republic?


12 The “Great Charter” Monarch abused his power English nobles gained power

13 Nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta Listed rights of people that Monarch could not take away

14 Trial by jury Due process of law Protection of life, liberty, and property

15 Originally intended only for nobles, but would be extended to all over time Established the principle that the power of the monarch was NOT absolute

16 What is the Magna Carta? List three rights it gave people. Why is it important to our government?

17 The king could not: Imprison political critics Declare martial law Require people to shelter troops Tax without consent of parliament

18 Parliament wanted to prevent royal abuse of power Listed rights of all Citizens (not just nobles)

19 It forbid: Taxation without consent of Parliament A standing army without consent of Parliament Royal suspension of laws

20 It guaranteed: Right to petition Free speech in Parliament Right to a fair and speedy trial Freedom from excessive bail No cruel and unusual punishment

21 Write two sentences to summarize the English Bill of Rights.


23 European writers during 1600 and1700s stated people have the power of reason People can recognize their natural rights- rights we are born with and can’t be taken away

24 Representative government Government exists for the people, not people for the government

25 Purpose of government is to protect natural rights Rights of life, liberty, and property Any govt. who abuses its power should NOT be obeyed

26 Separation of Powers – dividing government power between at least two groups to avoid abuse

27 Our model: Legislative = makes the laws Executive = enforces the laws Judicial = interprets the laws No branch could gain too much power

28 Geneva, 1712-1778 1762 - The Social ContractThe Social Contract Popular Sovereignty, the “General Will” Exchange Personal freedom for Civil freedom In obeying the law each citizen is thus subject to his or her own will, and consequently, according to Rousseau, remains free.. “Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains”

29 Explain Locke’s view of government. Explain Montesquieu’s idea of separation of powers.

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