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Mobile Capture and Reporting System (MCR) Illinois Department of Transportation.

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1 Mobile Capture and Reporting System (MCR) Illinois Department of Transportation

2 Overview Mobile Capture & Reporting System (MCR) –An application developed by IDOT in conjunction with ISP that automates the electronic capture of several reports that are currently paper-based.

3 Overview Pilot Phase –October 2002 through December 2003 with Illinois State Police (ISP) District 9 in Springfield. D-9 paperless in Dec. 03 Implementation –Application rollout to ISP got underway January 2004 –Application rollout to local law enforcement got underway May 2004 Phase II –Version 1.2 and 1.3 upgrades – March and June 2005

4 Current Status ISP Implementation –10 of 21 Districts Completed –Scheduled to be Completed August 2005 Local Law Enforcement Implementation –40 County & City Agencies Deployed –Remainder to be addressed ASAP Total Users and Reports –There are over 1500 current users –Averaging 2500 Crash Reports a month

5 Overview Key Features –Supports Mobile & Office Environments –Custom Wireless Infrastructure –Custom Location / Diagramming Tool –Premier MDC Integration –LEADS Integration –Commercial Vehicle Integration –VIN Assist / USPS Zip Code Integration –Attachments –Report Validation –Audit Trail / Workflow History –Customizable Review / Approval Process

6 Overview Key Features - continued –Disconnected Functionality With or Without Wireless Connectivity –Dynamic Client Application Includes: –Code Table Data –Report Validation –Report Format Updates Downloaded at Login –Based on Effective Date –Remote Client Administration

7 Overview Key Features - continued –ITS FREE !!!! IDOT is providing: –Software –Implementation –Training –Support No software deployment or licensing costs

8 Current Project Schedule

9 V1.3 Upgrades F7 – Drivers Information Exchange /TCP Connectivity Updated County GIS Maps

10 Long Term Outlook Version 2.0 –.NET Future Integration –Citations –Warnings –Over Weights –Other Field Reports –Racial Profiling

11 Contact Information Michael T. Handley Senior Trainer MCR Support Group (217) main (217) office (217) cell

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